What Is Instagram Layout, And How Does It Work?

Instagram Layout is the new feature available for Instagram Stories. Find out how it works in this article.

Instagram Layout is a new feature designed by the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg for his Stories. Introduced in December 2019, Instagram presented it like this: “Strike a pose. And one more time. And one more. With Layout, you can now capture and share multiple photos in your story – a new creative way to express yourself”. The new feature immediately attracted users’ interest, who started using it en masse.

In this guide explicitly dedicated to Insta Layout, we will discover exactly what it is, how it works, and what possibilities it offers to those who use it.

What is Instagram Layout

Insta Layout, as already mentioned, is a features of Instagram Stories made available in December. This tool allows, without ever having to leave the app, to insert more photos and create collages of new photographs and shots already contained in the phone gallery directly within the same Story.

Thanks to Instagram Layout, users can take one photo after another and choose the appropriate format in which they want the shots to be arranged. The layout schemes that can be chosen are currently 6, for a maximum of 6 photos that can be inserted together in a vertical grid simultaneously.

How Instagram Layout works

In order to use Instagram Layout in Stories, you need the latest updated version of the Instagram app for iOS and Android. Once logged into the Instagram Stories editor, you need to swipe to the right in the IG Stories feature bar. The Layout option is, in fact, to the right of the Boomerang option.

The screen dedicated to Insta Layout shows, above the shutter button, the various layouts that you can choose. Once you have chosen the desired scheme for your collage, you can take a photograph (both with the front and rear cameras) or select a photograph from your phone gallery (by clicking on the box located at the bottom left).

Why it is important to know how to use Instagram Layout

Instagram Layout has introduced new customization possibilities within Instagram Stories, continuing a path already started by Mark Zuckerberg with the possibility of creating filters and with the Create mode.

It should be noted, however, that Instagram Layout is not an absolute novelty: the social network, for some time, had, in fact, an application of its own, called its Layout and dedicated to the composition of photo collages on Instagram. This new feature, however, allows you to create collages directly within Instagram Stories without ever having to leave the app.

Furthermore, the birth of Insta Layout makes it unnecessary to use third-party apps, which, until December, were used by users to achieve the same effects.

The new customization possibilities offered by this feature and its ease of use directly in-app make the Insta Layout tool a valuable ally also in terms of marketing since it allows you to create captivating content from a graphic point of view in a few simple steps and engaging.

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