What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Do you want to support your marketing activities with a small financial outlay? If you are looking for interesting ways to promote your brand, take an interest in guerrilla marketing. Be sure to read about guerrilla marketing!

Guerrilla marketing is a form similar to viral marketing, which often takes an unconventional form, depending on the audience. An example of such marketing is writing on walls that shake graffiti that promote a given brand or product. Therefore, it is a form of advertising that often scandalously reaches a wide group of customers at a low cost. This method uses both gossip and media hype.

Nowadays, ordinary advertising often no longer attracts the attention of potential customers. In order to reach a wide audience, unconventional techniques must be used. It is one of the most creative and twisted forms of marketing. Sometimes it is only after the thousandth message reaches the recipient that we hear a great “WOW” from him – this is what often happens when we reach the client through guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing – Application Examples

Examples of brands that have used partisan marketing in Poland include Heyah, Play, Media Markt, Frugo and Tymbark.

In 2013, Tymbark’s clients took an interesting initiative. The campaign was organized in the largest Polish cities – Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. In the most popular places, you could suddenly find caps with a love message.

A more controversial action was carried out by DHL in 2014, using and even ridiculing its competition. It consisted of employing couriers of competing brands such as UPS, TND and DPD, who delivered a very large, black package to a designated place. The package was covered with a temperature-sensitive material. It was black by default but regained its colours at higher temperatures. So when the couriers picked up the parcels, they were all black, but on the way, the color changed to yellow with a large text “DHL is faster”. In this way, DHL was advertised by competing companies.

Advantages of using guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is very effective with difficult target audiences for traditional advertising, such as youth. Most often, companies use this form of advertising to stand out from the very competitive market. Although it requires more time and creativity, thought-out guerrilla marketing can also be relatively cheap. This advertisement also has another undeniable advantage – it is more interesting and sometimes less irritating.

Guerrilla marketing is always interesting and thus arouses emotions in a potential customer. Such a campaign is not dependent on a press publisher or TV station, and it can even travel around the world in one day and reach millions of people. This technique is used especially when the recipient is a young customer, promoting niche products or introducing a new product to the market.

Time, energy, and fantastic imagination are the factors that can determine the company’s development today. An effective promotion method that will win the hearts of the crowd and promote the brand simultaneously is a golden dream for many marketers – guerrilla marketing can often turn out to be such a method with great creativity.

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