What Are The Elegant Baby Girl Names Starting With B?

Brilliant, brave, and beautiful! Are you thinking of naming your little one who has recently popped into this world? What about giving an unusual moniker that starts with B? Sounds cool, right?

So, the elegant baby girl names starting with B have gone through a total transformation of style statement in the recent decades, with prolonged names such as Betty and Barbara losing their charm to the newly emerging baby girl names that start with B.

Today, the charming names include diverse spelling variations, such as Bailey and Brianna. Moreover, other names like Brooklyn, Brynlee, and Bella also become the elegant name of baby girls in the USA. However, all these names rank upper in popularity and eminence!

Top Elegant Name Picks for your Baby Girl

Browse CocoFinder’s complete roster of elegant baby girl names beginning with the letter B below. So, let’s look at the top-notch list of the baby girls’ names with B letters without wasting future time!

1. Beatrice

The fascinating name ‘Beatrice’ is derived from one of its popular versions ‘Beatrix,’ a leading Latin version, means ‘she who fetches extreme happiness to everyone.’ It belonged to the name of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter.

If you have strong Latin roots, you must name your little munchkin ‘Beatrice,’ as she is the one who brings a revived atmosphere to your abode.

2. Bella

Do you remember the popular character Bella from Twilight Saga movies? If yes, you must consider this one for your little one because of its unique charm and popularity. In Italian, ‘Bella’ means beautiful, and it is a diminutive of the term ‘Isabella.’

Nevertheless, ‘Bella’ is the personification of ‘beautiful’, and that’s why it means something similar in Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese.

3. Bonnie

The list also has something similar to the meaning ‘beautiful,’ and it is none other than elegant baby girl names starting with B, ‘Bonnie.’ So, it is a charming name that Scots use as an embodiment of ‘pretty.’

That demonstrates its roots in the French ‘Bonnie.’ This name is rolling on the edge of a massive comeback right now, along with its rival ‘Bea’ and ‘Betty.’

4. Brianna

A captivating name, ‘Brianna,’ is a top-notch female version of ‘Brian,’ which has swiftly entered the top 1000 elegant girl’s names, which means ‘high,’ ‘exalted,’ and ‘noble.’

A slight variation of this cute name, ‘Brianna,’ first emerged in Edmund Spenser’s royal poem ‘The Faerie Queen.’ However, its offshoots include ‘Bryanna’ and ‘Breanna.’ If you want to give an exotic nickname out of Brianna, you should name her ‘Bree,’ ‘Bri,’ or ‘Anna.’

5. Bristol

Do you remember the former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has given this cutest moniker ‘Bristol’ to her daughter?

The name has emerged from the Old English Brycgstow, which means ‘place at the bridge’ or ‘meeting place by the near bridge.’ So, if you are from Bristol and want to flaunt your love for the city, you might consider this one for your cute daughter.

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6. Brittany

Apart from being an old name with strong French roots, the name ‘Brittany,’ has acquired much importance and thus, arrived on the US popularity chart in 1971. Thereafter, it has exponentially scaled up the lists and got places in the top 100 after a decade.

So, the name ‘Brittany,’ will be a mesmerizing choice for parents due to France’s cultural and provocative areas. You might be wondering if it matches your newborn’s personality or not!

So, the name matches almost everyone’s trait because of its meaning, ‘from Brittany or Great Britain.’

7. Brynn

The name ‘Brynn’ surpasses the real Welsh Bryn in the majority and eminence stakes. This elegant, simple, and brisk name could be seen as an amalgamation of Bree and Lynn. So, it will be an androgynous-sounding preference that especially an equally mighty name for boys too!

However, this elegant baby girl name starting with B, means ‘hill.’ If you are a mountain fanatic, considering this one will be a worthy choice! Other variations of this charming name include ‘Brynnley,’ ‘Brynna,’ and ‘Brynnan.’

8. Bellamy

Such a fascinating name, ‘Bellamy’ is the cutest girl’s name in English, French, and Irish origin, which means ‘fine friend.’ However, this name is gradually popping up as an elegant baby girl name starting with B and a powerful Irish surname-y riff on the highly famous Bella series of baby names.

The connection to ‘Bella’ with ‘Bellamy’ is super trendy and more popular than anybody can think of! Nowadays, it has become a highly appreciated name among parents.

9. Bee

The sweetest and shortest name, ‘Bee,’ is the top 10 list of elegant baby girl names, starting with B. Despite the upliftment of ‘Beatrice,’ ‘Bea,’ and ‘Beatrix,’ a popular name ‘Bee’, has emerged and provided a buzzy characteristic.

However, it originated from an animal name, or it came up from the diminution of Beatrice, which means ‘she who brings contentment.’ You must have heard the name of famous late-night TV’s Samantha Bee!
So, this name ‘Bee’ can theoretically be the cutest short version for baby girl’s names!

10. Blue

An elegant yet attractive name, ‘Blue’, has recently grabbed the limelight as an unusual color name. It was opted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé for their beautiful baby girl, ‘Blue Ivy.’ It can be used as both the first and middle name for baby girls.

So on top of that, the name ‘Blue,’ means ‘color,’ and ‘a colloquialism that indicates sadness.’ Apart from its meaning, the name has maximum popularity in the USA because of parent’s subtle inclination towards this color.

Concluding Words

Unlike those previous days, parents take numerous times deciding their baby’s name as it is something she has to bear forever! So, staying cautious while picking one is a cumbersome task. As mentioned earlier, baby names that start with the letter B showcase maximum potential and personality traits.

So, all those aforementioned elegant baby girl names flaunt extreme patience and sensitivity. Your baby girl will be a peace lover and will stay away from unnecessary arguments.

That’s why picking out one from the list will indeed define your baby girl’s characteristics as the ‘B’ named girls can tackle people with utmost care and ease!

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