Hyper-Automation – One Of The Main Strategic Technology Trends For 2020

According to a study, they were recently published by Gartner (10 strategic technology trends for 2020), where it lists the 10 main technological trends for 2020. We find that in the top of the list is the hyper-automation, a new concept that goes beyond automation or the use of technology trends to execute repetitive manual tasks that people do.

Hyper-automation is understood as the “automation of any business process that can be automated” using a combination of RPA and other complementary advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning that enhance its effectiveness and allow it to address more complex processes and increase the capabilities of humans.

Hyper-automation also refers to the sophistication of automation in the sense that one can understand, analyze, design, measure, monitor, as well as predict the best actions and responses.

Hyper-automation can be the solution for the continuity of some businesses due to the shortage of talent, the need to seek efficiency, to be more competitive, and the expectation of being able to do more with less. Software robots have not arrived to take away our job. They have come to promote us, allowing us to do more complex tasks and in which emotional intelligence, creativity, interpretation of results, or human judgment is required to manage exceptions.

Finally, and according to Gartner, hyper-automation can also lead to the development within the organization of a digital twin, virtual replica of a real system that allows conceptualizing and visualizing how processes, functions and performance indicators interact to anticipate possible problems and experiment without taking risks before making changes or improvements.

Which company would reject the possibility of executing business processes five to ten times faster, without errors, and with an average of 40% fewer people?

This is precisely what allows hyper-automation, a discipline that once incorporated into the business can optimize its growth:

  • Reducing the human effort executing a large volume of transactions in a short time
  • Reducing the risk of human error and increasing quality and accuracy
  • Improving the quality of jobs by eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks that do not add value
  • Increasing productivity and competitiveness

With hyper-automation, any business process that can benefit from automation will be automated in the near future.

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