Ranking Of Smart Brands 2022 – The Best And Proven Models

Ranking Of Smart Brands 2022 – The Best And Proven Models

What is the best smart brands on the market? Sports brands slowly gained the market, and today many people cannot imagine going to training without a smart brand. They also accompany us in everyday life, because in addition to counting steps and monitoring the work of the heart, some of them have the option of contactless payments. So what to look for in the case of smart brands?

Which smartphone to choose?

The basic element worth paying attention to when choosing smart brands is functionality. Before buying, it is worth checking whether a given fitness brand supports the activity we choose. While running or cycling is unlikely to be a problem, it can be different with more sophisticated workouts. It is also worth bearing in mind additional elements that will be useful in life, such as continuous heart rate measurement or measurement of the oxygen content in the blood.

A very important element that is worth paying attention to is water resistance. It is worth having at least 5 ATMs in such a brand, especially if you want to use them actively in the swimming pool. It is also worth that the brand has a dustproof certificate because, during various types of runs, or even everyday activities, such a seal provides additional protection.

The battery and the length of working time on a single charge is an indispensable element of any electronic device, and even more so a smart brand. Quite simply, the less you have to charge it, the better.

An important issue when choosing a smart brand is the screen. The best solution, in this case, is the AMOLED screen. It will provide ideal parameters for using the device on sunny days. It also significantly affects energy efficiency, so you can use the device for longer without the need to recharge.

It is also worth paying attention to the price. In this case, it is worth to more or less define your needs at the beginning. It will look different if you use the smart brand for occasional training, and differently if the training is woven into your everyday life.

Features of a good smart brand:

  • functionality
  • waterproof
  • strong battery
  • clear screen
  • good price
  • convenience

Also, pay attention to convenience. It’s worth going to the electronics store beforehand and trying on the selected wristbrands if possible. It is often the case that we also buy this device for notifications that come from the phone. And it just means that you will only take the smart brand off while charging. Here it is extremely important that it just fits comfortably on the wrist.

The best smart brands on the market

Therefore, we invite you to our ranking of smart brands for 2022. Which models are worth paying attention to? Has anything changed recently?

Xiaomi Mi Brand 6 NFC

It’s hard not to start with probably the most popular smart brand available on the market. This is the latest variant of the wristbrand, which additionally allows you to make contactless payments. There is a 1.56 ″ AMOLED display on board. The smart brand has a lot of different types of sports modes. In addition, it has a blood oxygen sensor, as well as 5 ATM water resistance. Of course, there are also such elements as continuous heart rate measurement or sleep analysis. The price is a strong advantage of the brand.

Currently, you will pay about PLN 180 for this smart brand.

Huawei Brand 6

This is an interesting brand with a lot of possibilities. It has a large screen made in AMOLED technology. Despite the 1.46 ″ diagonal, it seems larger due to the fact that it is wider in relation to the competitors’ products. The smart brand has a large battery that you will recharge once every two weeks. This is a good result. The brand is of course waterproof. It can monitor many types of sports activities. It also has a pulse oximeter. You will have to pay about PLN 220 for this armband.

Fitbit Luxe

If you care about the quality of workmanship, and the costs are of less importance, it is worth considering this smart brand model. It is more expensive than previously mentioned, but the focus here is on quality. It offers everything you need for a good fitness brand. For this reason, it was included in our smart band ranking. It has a screen made in AMOLED technology. There was also a heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter. The working time on a single charge was set to about 5 days, assuming 24-hour heart rate monitoring. According to various rankings, the brand measures various training parameters more accurately, so if you are considering a device for detailed data, it is worth paying attention to it. The cost is about PLN 600.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung is one of those manufacturers that was the first to have smart brands in their offer. So he has quite a lot of experience. Additionally, the whole ecosystem built around the brand is a strong point. It used to be a rather expensive smart band – it became cheaper over time. It has an AMOLED screen, quite an efficient battery, and 5 ATM water resistance. If you pay attention to the brand or have other Samsung products, you can consider this brand. Currently, its price is around PLN 170.

Huawei Brand 3 Pro

If you are lucky and you can find this smart brand somewhere at a favorable price, it is worth considering. This is a brand whose main advantage is to have a built-in GPS, which does not happen often. Thanks to this, you will be able to go to training without taking your smartphone with you. The route of running or cycling will be properly marked on the map anyway. The smart brand has a screen made of course in AMOLED technology. There is also a water resistance in 5 ATMs. The manufacturer boasts of precise heart rate monitoring indicators. It also pays attention to the quality of sleep and suggests the possibility of correcting it. Currently, you will have to spend about PLN 270 on this smart brand.

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