Marketing On LinkedIn, or How To Get Customers From This Platform?

Marketing On LinkedIn, or How To Get Customers From This Platform?

LinkedIn is a well-known social media platform that aims to enable us to make business contacts. In Poland, we also use it more and more often to build a network of leads, although most of us do not know the tools built into the application very well. And it is they that are able to change all those missed calls by customers into effective calls.

These are the functionalities that will take your LinkedIn to a higher level and improve B2B sales.

Sales Navigator to get leads

The main difference between LinkedIn and, for example, Facebook is a completely different tone used by users. It is here that the employer brand is built, specialist topics are discussed, and industry news is discussed. Both private individuals and companies have their official accounts here.

A paid premium membership in the Sales Navigator variant allows brand sales departments to follow the constantly growing network of contacts on LinkedIn. Thanks to this, they gain support in acquiring leads in the target market. How it’s working? Through contacts of the third degree. The first degree is all friends; the second is friends of friends; the third is unrelated people. It is Sales Navigator  that enables:

  • searching for people by adjusting filters makes it easy for us to reach our target audience. We can also find users who follow our company fan page!
  • Saving contacts that meet our criteria in the form of a list. LinkedIn will also suggest further searches.
  • The option is to send a message to someone outside of our contact network.

Ads to show off to the world

Of course, LinkedIn, like Facebook or Instagram, allows you to place advertisements on the website. In addition to organic posts, we can also prepare targeted images, text or video materials, and even sponsored content. We also get the option of sending direct messages using InMail, i.e., e-mail on LinkedIn. We choose the rates in the cost-per-click variant or for impressions.

Lead Gen Forms so as not to get lost in the data.

This is an extension that allows you to join a form marketing campaign. This form, appropriately personalized, acquires information about customers for you. This way, you get leads with a full set of key data that you can then include in your contact list.

Thanks to the functionalities mentioned above, we are able to obtain a lot of valuable, hot leads that will directly translate into our sales results.

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