Can a Small Business Appear On Instagram?

Can a Small Business Appear On Instagram?

Small Business : Anyone can use social media platforms in marketing – even the smallest, sole proprietorships and artists. Last year, Instagram explored many new ways to reach customers, and beautiful photography has become a revolutionary medium. The pandemic definitely contributed to the fact that innovative business ideas were created on the basis of this application, and today it is practically a must-have for all entrepreneurs who want to reach the customer directly.

So let’s look at the examples of three small businesses that are doing great on Instagram at a time when a brick-and-mortar store is no longer a must. This is the world of online shopping!

Sell, talk, advertise.

When Gilberto was forced to close his record store in São Paolo, he decided to move the business to where customers have been around for a long time. Instead of looking for them in his city, he went to the Internet!

His Instagram account is no longer just a business account and is now promoting online sales. The store owner provides photos of his assortment along with prices in the News and via videos on IGTV. Instead of just running marketing campaigns, Gilberto decided to let customers buy using Instagram. Anyone can stay in touch with him and buy the latest CDs – all on one platform.

Share information

Instagram is a place where it is very easy to attract attention with a visually interesting photo and sneak important information under it. A restaurant from Seoul that specializes in selecting natural wine on a daily basis took advantage of this. When the company had to close its stationary doors, it decided during this time to focus on the issue of deliveries to customers. This has become a new business model.

Wicked Wife publishes beautiful photos and collages on its profile, thanks to which they provide customers with the information they need. At the same time, they present themselves as a very creative brand and thus earn money on deliveries straight to your home!

Show yourself from the new side

Restaurants are in a particularly difficult position when the pandemic hits. A closed kitchen is a kitchen that loses money – unless this time is used to build a community around the brand.

This is what the Afrik’N’Fusion restaurant did. She prepared the series “Story behind the Plate”, in which she creatively presented her menu on Instagram. Close-up shots of the dishes and the history behind them – it’s a way to get your guests interested even with the door closed!

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