Fashion Newsletter? Marketing By Email

Fashion Newsletter? Marketing By Email

Newsletter: Most email marketing campaigns are a waste of time. They are almost immediately marked by users as “read” without even checking their content. Why? Many of them reproduce basic mistakes: they are uninteresting chaotic, and, in addition, they can be intrusive spam.

And yet some newsletters are successful, especially overseas. Tim Ferriss’s “5-Bullet Friday” and Austin Kleon’s “10 Things Worth Sharing” newsletters are very popular these days. The aforementioned journalists use them to show the recipients once a week what they have noticed recently. Where did their success come from? We check below!

Addressed niche topics

Newsletter in traditional enterprises are usually sent out when the CEO wishes to “spread the word around the world.” So there is not much planning here, but there is an uninteresting, pushy promotion.

It is better to focus on a group of specific recipients who may be interested in the content you can deliver. If you are trying to attract everyone who hits you, your campaigns will not be successful. You have to occupy a niche – and then your newsletters will be interesting for every user.

The examples mentioned above are based on this principle. Tim Ferriss is only interesting to people who are interested in specific technologies. Thanks to this, the author in his newsletters creates the effect of familiarity – as if a friend was talking about his latest discoveries.

Their content is just… good.

It is quite obvious. Many marketing campaigns are automated, so they send out content at random. Meanwhile, the personal care of the content brings the best results. Austin Kleon only writes about what interests him in his newsletters, and that has made him successful – because his interests align with the interests of his followers.

The conclusion is simple: being lazy doesn’t pay. A careful search for content, finding gems is what interests people; you just have to do the research for them when it comes to searching. And if you are thinking to yourself now, “How do I know what will interest people?”, Then you don’t know your target exactly.

They don’t look like a random generator at all.

The unique design works well in every field of marketing. Also, emails will be more eye-catching if they look extraordinary. Good design, however, must complement and emphasize the even better content of the newsletter: this information must be the nail of the agenda here.

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