Model Of a Commercial Offer For Busy People

Model Of a Commercial Offer For Busy People

We immediately admit that the title of this article is misleading. We will not provide a universal pattern of a commercial offer here because … such a pattern does not exist. It is not that what attracts customers to take advantage of the wholesaler’s offer will also effectively attract them to, for example, a car repair shop. Every brand needs something special and unique.

But fortunately, there are a few tips on which to build a commercial offer. Here they are.

Title and headings

Here you have the chance to catch the recipient’s attention and keep it for longer. The first headline is worth communicating the greatest benefit you offer. Remember that you have little space for this, just one sentence, so be specific and concise. Appeal to positive emotions, speak the language of benefits: “do this to get that.”

In the body of your offer, also add headlines built according to these guidelines. They will organize the paragraphs and also strengthen the message and intrigue.

Talk about the client, not yourself.

Many people would say that you should introduce yourself first. Meanwhile, it must be remembered that the recipient, in the first moment, is not very interested in who we are but in how we can help him. Therefore, on the first page, show that you understand him: refer to his struggling problems and the goals he wants to achieve. To do this effectively, it is worth analyzing the client’s needs in advance and creating a Buyer Persona, which we have already written about here.

Your offer

Now that you’ve caught the reader’s attention, it’s time to move on to the product presentation. Tell us here how it will help you meet your business goals. Step by step, explain why the purchase is a profitable decision. You can also explain how the collaboration with your brand would work. The more specific the plan, the better! Your task is to convince the recipient that it is worth investing in you.

Therefore, focus on the benefits. It is a good idea to present them as visually attractive, for example, like a clear, readable, and conspicuous table.

It is worth taking into account that the recipient usually has doubts at this stage. In order to counteract this, it is necessary to provide evidence that will confirm our competence. There are many ways to convince the customer, and it all depends on the industry. These can be photos of completed projects, certificates, attestations. An exceptionally effective method is the presentation of case studies that will show how successful you have already achieved in your business.

Call for action

The final sentence should be CTA –  Call to Action. A call to action is designed to mobilize the reader to the activity you intend to do, such as “leave your phone number” or “check products.”

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