There Is Nothing Worse Than a Customer Who Has Changed Their Mind.

There Is Nothing Worse Than a Customer Who Has Changed Their Mind.

It is very easy to convince the user to choose our company instead of the competition. In various guides, we will find tips that will increase the attractiveness of the offer in his eyes; but when it comes to abandoned shopping baskets, the guides are silent.

Many marketers confuse two things: a losing opportunity and no decision. The former is when the customer chooses another company; the latter is when it withdraws from the selling process and does not buy from anyone. Of course, both phenomena have the same effect, i.e., no income. But the ways to combat them are definitely different.

Why is selling so difficult?

According to Gartner’s research, 77% of B2B customers say their last purchase was difficult or complicated. Here’s why:

  1. The decision is made in groups.
  2. We are flooded with an ocean of information, among which it is difficult to find any use for making a good decision.
  3. Virtually every B2B company made a purchase at one time, and only later it turned out that it was a spectacular failure. Therefore, customers are very careful.

What does this mean for the trader? Sometimes, a failed sale does not mean that the other party has switched to the competition; it just simply gave up on the purchase.

Modern sales process

We have already talked many times that traders should not stick to strict guidelines. It makes no sense to offer everyone the same thing because needs, like customers, can be different.

Here is an example: Joanna is an architect and runs a company with two friends. Unfortunately, although they receive a lot of inquiries for a quote or for details of cooperation, few customers finalize the transaction. The architect decided to do something about it, so she found two consulting companies on the Internet: Fast Results and Slow Results.

They both called her back immediately, asked about the problem and made an appointment. Fast results brought with it a thick offer that explained difficult issues comprehensively. Price: 20 thousand. Zlotys. The company then called Ms. Joanna many times and asked for a decision.

In turn, Slow Results stated that the problem of low effectiveness could be solved in several ways, but the interests of the entire management board must be reconciled in each of them. She pointed out that the choice must be careful. She valued her advice at 5,000. Zlotys. The architects jointly decided to use her services as the first step. Then they implemented a repair project for several months.

Although the first company certainly offered the best solution in general, it was not the best for Joanna, who did not understand all the issues on the offer. Since she didn’t quite know what she needed, she tried the simpler (and cheaper!) Option.

What if both companies presented an expensive and complicated offer? Architects wouldn’t choose anything. So: there is nothing worse than a customer who has changed their mind!

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