Marketing And Artificial Intelligence: How To Improve Targeting And Increase Sales

Marketing And Artificial Intelligence: How To Improve Targeting And Increase Sales

Improve targeting and sales. Here is the Mission Impossible of every self-respecting marketer to make his owner happy by increase sales, reducing conflict, and building customer loyalty. Artificial intelligence applied to marketing can support this thankless but fascinating task, providing the company with the tools to improve business and sales objectives.

How to do? The mechanics are intuitive (more or less): the algorithms are programmed to enable them to choose and refine persuasion techniques toward the potential client. Then he is pushed to carry out a particular action, such as deepening his knowledge of a product, registering for a service, or buying a good.

“Big Data”

At the base, there is always the analysis of a piece of data (in this case, a large amount of data ) which includes, among other things, the deepening of the behavioural models of the potential customer. Algorithms can also be programmed to observe and interpret human reactions (emotions) and offer appropriate responses.

Intelligent algorithms

And I am also able to learn. Every single action they carry out is acquired in memory becoming part of the immense archive of information that guides them, making them learn new innovative ways of behaviour (machine learning: “machines” learn by themselves what they do).

As can be understood, we are in the presence of a real ascending spiral cycle that characterises the behaviour of the algorithms: they interpret the data, propose a solution, learn from the correct answers and, then, these become a heritage that will be used later in front of more complex questions.


The result? Satisfy the customer

The market approach can become increasingly specific, characterised, and personalised. So then to arrive, ideally but not so much, at what each of us as a buyer has always dreamed of: having someone who offers us the very thing we want more than anything else.

The tools of this revolution are innovation processes that materialise, for example, in chatbots (software that simulates dialogue with a human being) or in smartphone virtual assistants, making customer, prospect, or lead generation moments more effective.

“Robotics Persuasion”

Increasingly intelligent software will guide our purchasing decisions. And there is already talk of robotic persuasion because machines can interpret the signals from the surrounding environment almost as much as human beings.

But speaking of humanity: behind these software and above them, there is always the hand of the man who programs, governs, and guides. And above all, he prepares the strategies to make the responses of the machines go in the right direction, making them propose the best solutions for us humans.

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