The Real Evolutionary Leap Will Be having Digital Head

The Real Evolutionary Leap Will Be having Digital Head

That’s right: the evolutionary leap will be to have a digital head for everyone. Knowing and learning how to use the tools is just a matter of training (online, of course). 

The difference lies in a culture that knows how to direct thought production mechanisms, allows reality to be analysed, and the solutions needed to be found to make the world better.

It’s spring, wake-up algorithms. In these first weeks of spring, we notice a great flowering of initiatives that attribute almost thaumaturgical properties to the “digital” world: a forty-five-minute webinar seems to be able to reconfigure our economic incisiveness. But in the forty-sixth minute, the discouragement mockingly arises from underneath a simple question: what now? Instead, a pact must be made between those with a digital head and with this outline strategies. Otherwise, the real evolutionary leap will not be accomplished, and only already crystallized, and sterile models will repeat themselves. A digital head, however, is something you take time to invent. It’s like learning a language that goes from right to left or from top to bottom following precise columns of ideograms. Digital thinking reads the world through other lenses.

Interstellar communication

It is, in fact, a new dimension that allows us to imagine different worlds in which gravity, distances, physics, and cosmology are written in other alphabets. Although starting from the logic of our daily life and the analysis of human behavior, they work in another way.

Only with familiarity with this thought and its techniques can one understand how it is possible to have profitable long-distance relationships, avoiding wasting time on endless motorway journeys. Show a complex machine in 3D and in minute detail to a customer in Argentina, breaking down and reassembling the operating processes with him to study their applications to his business. Or, still, help another customer immerse themselves in a virtual showroom by reconstructing the emotion of the warm Italian environment he would like to offer his customers in Stockholm.

Tools are one thing; strategic vision is another.

Digital thinking is a perfect balance of numbers and creativity. It is a dynamic flow that brings analytical skills and imagination into play. He translates behavior into numbers but knows how to read the indefinite to understand how the market will move. It is not infallible, but it moves confidently, comforted by reading percentages and reports. It has one very positive thing: it is transparent. Because numbers can be written in many ways, but the incorrect ones immediately catch the eye.

A matter of ethics

The digital world will help us develop ethics and sensitivity to sustainability. In the relationship with the customer, everything must be foreseen, planned, and taken care of down to the smallest detail. This way, it will be possible to convey the trust that will push him to say “yes” to our proposal. In this, communication will have an irreplaceable role because it will be a vehicle of transparency, correctness, and guarantee. Each business will need to state and demonstrate the principles that guide it. And whoever stays out of these rules will naturally be marginalised from the market.

The digital head

Precisely because we know the existence of the dark web, we affirm that ethics and transparency must guide those who communicate. It will thus be able to transform digital into a vehicle of democracy because it allows everyone to be evaluated without distinction.

Among the great opportunities that having a digital head offers is this: being able to affirm our ethics and give transparent answers forcefully.

And only in this way will the true evolutionary leap be complete and adequate.

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