Key Aspects Of Management By Values

Key Aspects Of Management By Values

He will start by talking about what it consists of and the benefits of value management in organizations to continue with how value assessment can help Human Resources departments.

Once we know the previous premises, the idea is to know a tool that allows us to evaluate values, such as PODIUM, capable of assessing 25 universal values.

What does management by values ​​consist of, and what benefits does it provide?

Management by values ​​consists of impregnating the entire organization with a way of thinking, feeling, and doing that is believed and trusted and that helps to achieve the organization’s strategic goals successfully.

The benefits of management by values ​​are mainly: an improvement in employee performance, cost reduction, improvement in the customer experience, a reduction in the abandonment rate, and the brain drain. And also the improvement in the climate of employee satisfaction.

How does the evaluation of values ​​help the HR department of companies?

The evaluation of values ​​is a tool that complements the traditional evaluation tools based on competencies. 

On the one hand, in the selection, find out to what extent the candidate will fit in his future position and in the organization to which he aspires.

On the other hand, it is used in the internal evaluation, such as performance evaluations, it is used as a complement to the assessment by competencies, where it is used to assess to what extent the employee is behaving in a manner consistent with the values ​​defended by his company. 

How to evaluate values ​​in organizations?

The evaluation tool evaluates 25 universal values, both in the individual

 as in the organisation, as well as the relationship between the importance ​​of the person and those of the organization.

In addition, it measures behaviors based on behavioral evidence to determine the coherence of how an individual or an organization acts concerning the values ​​it defends.

How did the test to evaluate online values ​​come about?

The test to evaluate values ​​online arises from the need of those responsible for HR. HH., because they need objective, precise, and reliable tools to measure the importance ​​of employees and the organization. As well as to determine the coherence between the organizational behavior and the company’s culture.

What does the value assessment test offer?

This test is configurable with three scales so that it can be used depending on the needs of each company, providing three types of information:

  1. The first type of information concerns the employee’s perception of his company; this allows you to know the possible risk of abandonment or the desire to stay.
  2. Another part of the test provides information related to the value system of an employee or a future candidate in a selection process. In this way, it allows us to know how that person’s value system is formed, what nature their values ​​are, etc. And also know what relationship exists between the value system of an employee comparing it with the value system defended by the organization. Thus seeing to what extent they are balanced and the degree of compatibility.
  3. There is a third type of information that is very useful is to know to what extent the actual behavior of an individual or organization corresponds to their values.

The usual problem is that some values ​​are defended as necessary, but they are not put into practice. This third phase allows contrasting what a person expresses or wishes with what he does.

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