How To Use Payment Links and Forms For Your Travel and Hospitality Business


For a good reason, contactless payment methods and payment gateways are becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality and travel industries. They use cutting-edge technology while making your guests’ experience more user-friendly. Discover the best payment gateway in India, providing intelligent payment solutions through this blog.

Travel and tourism are among India’s largest industries, with a diverse portfolio of niche tourism products (adventure, sports, or religious). According to the WTTC Economic Report, the GDP contribution of this industry increased by 4.9% in 2019 – the third-highest figure after China and the Philippines.

If you own a travel agency or plan to open one, there is one thing you must pay attention to online payment acceptance.

Giving your customers the ability to pay you for bookings online is critical for your travel business. Integrating a suitable online payment gateway for travel businesses is the best way to collect payments online through your business website. It will also reconcile payments received from multiple customers.

On the other hand, payment gateways that offer multiple payment options also come in handy for your hospitality business. The good news is that contactless payments are relatively simple. Assume that a visitor wishes to make a reservation at your establishment. When prompted, they will place the card or device within two inches of the processing machine. If the system recognises the card and approves the transaction, the guest will be alerted via a notification.

As previously stated, credit and debit cards can also be linked to a smartphone by downloading a dedicated app provided by the institution.

Cash payments are becoming less common

Although cash payments had decreased significantly before the start of this health crisis, it has only been in the last year that new methods have gained traction due to the need for this ‘zero contact.’ Sectors such as leisure and hotels are examples of this. And making purchases of services or products using contactless payment methods during a client’s stay at a hotel, festival, or sporting event is now easier than ever.

Payment links or contactless payments through the best payment gateway in India have simplified and enhanced the digitisation procedure since the Covid-19 crisis. It is not surprising that it has accelerated the digital trend due to numerous advantages to conducting operations through various devices (such as mobile or NFC devices) or systems that are making their way into multiple sectors (such as virtual reality or contactless biometrics). , both for consumers and hotels and travel-related businesses.

What is a contactless payment?

As the name implies, this type of transaction allows users to avoid using cash or the physical implementation of credit cards. Instead, it employs wireless methods such as RFID technology. This technique is supported by debit cards, credit cards, and even smartphones.

The good news is that this technology has entered the hospitality industry and can directly impact your guests’ experiences.

What are smart payment solutions offered by the payment gateway for the travel and hospitality industry?

Payment links: You can send an email containing the payment link via the trusted payment gateway interface to your travel or hospitality business customers. You can use the integrated PMS/CRM system and others with a single click. You will receive an immediate payment confirmation. You can create an order and send an invoice in just a few clicks. It’s even more straightforward for your customers, who click the link and enter their credit card information.

Invoice payments: Remind your travel customers of overdue payments by sending bulk invoices and sharing payment requests via email and SMS.

Multiple payment options: You can offer several payment options, including net banking options, IMPS, QR scan option, NEFT/ RTGS and much more to your guests for effortless payments.

Google Pay and other intelligent payment solutions enhance customer experience while making payments effortlessly.

Benefits of contactless payments for both sectors

  • Payment gateway methods enable instant payments: One of the most significant advantages of a payment gateway for a travel business is the ability to approve or deny payment instantly. It allows you to avoid servicing people whose payments are later discredited. Furthermore, it ensures that you have immediate access to your customers’ money to save or invest in your travel business.
  • A viable hygienic solution: As you are aware, the recent coronavirus outbreak has significantly impacted the hospitality industry. Guests will be more concerned than ever before about hygiene. This trend is likely to continue for many years. Payments that do not require physical contact are thus poised to become some of the most sought-after methods. Hotels that can provide such services will undoubtedly have a significant edge over others.
  • Mobile payment friendly: Mobile purchasing is compatible with the Travel and Tourism industry because it promotes and facilitates mobility. Mobile devices are one of the few items people bring with them when exploring or relaxing on vacation. Mobile payments are convenient for travellers to purchase items needed for a fun break from daily life. By incorporating a payment gateway, those in the travel and tourism industry can offer mobile payments to customers for simple, secure transactions.
  • Ability to offer loyalty programs: Hotel managers know the advantages of loyalty programmes. Loyalty programmes in the hospitality industry can also reward guests for using a contactless payment system.

It is to provide discounted room rates, discounts at an in-house restaurant, and other appealing offers that will help your franchise or boutique property stand out. Finally, it is critical to emphasise that developing a positive brand image in these crucial times is vital to long-term success.

  • Payment gateways enable you to accept payments in various currencies: Another excellent advantage in the travel and tourism industry is the ability to accept currencies from other countries. It ensures you can reach customers worldwide and receive payments in their native currency. It vastly improves the payment process for international travellers and converts their currency to local currency.

Checklist to selecting a payment platform/payment gateway for travel & hospitality business:

  • Examine the list of payment options supported by various payment gateways designed for travel businesses.
  • Inquire about the payment success rate for an enhanced customer experience for your hospitality business.
  • Consider the payment settlement policy for payments received online via the payment gateway.
  • Check to see if it accepts international payments and currency conversion for expanding your customer base across the travel business industry.
  • Examine the pricing structure for payment gateways.
  • Examine the features of various payment gateways before deciding on one.
  • Consider your travel company’s requirements and how a payment gateway can meet them.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed payment methods gave you valuable insights into several effortless and viable smart payment solutions for your travel and hospitality business. Integrating with the best online payment gateway in India – NTT DATA Payments for your travel and hospitality business is an opportunity to enhance growth. With this all-inclusive payment solution offered by NTT DATA Payments and Services on your side, you need not look further to find a way to accept digital payments.

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