How To Start With Cricket Betting Easily

How To Start With Cricket Betting Easily

Cricket has been around since the 18th century with the first ever cricket game played in England. Since that time, many cricket lovers have followed cricketers who have made a mark. If you are a cricket fan, there is no doubt that you’d want to watch your favorite players battle in the field.

What is more, you may want to make some money from a sport that has been around for more than 200 years. However, betting on cricket is not similar to betting on soccer or even NBA.

Just like any other sport, cricket has its own rules. As such, for you to make the best out of online cricket betting, you need to understand the rules of the game, some of which we’ve described below.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Whether you are a cricket betting guru or you just want to try this thing out, you need to know a few details. As mentioned earlier, cricket betting is not like any other betting event. It requires some knowledge on how cricket is done in the field.

The first thing to successful cricket betting is doing research. Out of candid research, you are able to find the right real money cricket betting sites. Besides, you will also realize that unlike other major sports, cricket is more of a conditional sport than skill.

Knowing which countries are taking part in the cricket game is also important. That way, it may help dig deeper into the history of the two teams, their winning and losing history and other things.

It is also equally important to know when it is most likely for a country or team to win or lose. For instance, some teams are known to lose if the climate is rainy. On the other hand, some players fair well when it is dry and sunny.

Knowing such things will help you in making a decision on when and which cricket team you will bet on. Other things to consider when betting on cricket include understanding the pitch and the toss.

Most Popular Cricket Bets

The first and important thing in cricket betting is understanding the different types of bets. A correct understanding will not only help you make the right decision but also help you reap big from your bets.

Here are some of the most popular cricket bets you can try to increase your chances of winning:

Match Betting

Match bet is the most common form of cricket betting. It is considered the most straightforward cricket bet because you only need to choose from three different outcomes. In this, you need to make a choice in whether the home team will be the one to win, whether the away team that will carry the day, or if the game will end up in a draw.

Because of the bet’s simplicity and straightforwardness, many people prefer match betting.

Tied Match

This is another simple cricket bet. As the name suggests, you will only need to bet on whether or not the match will tie, just that!

Completed Match

This cricket bet is usually done on a one-day match. By placing a bet, you will need to decide whether the game will be completed that day or it will be carried forward to another day. In other words, if you think that the weather or any other factor would delay the game, then your bet will say, ‘the game will not be completed.’

Top Bowler

Apart from betting on the teams, cricket bets focus on individual players. The top bowler cricket bet identifies a cricketer with the most wickets. If it turns out that the player you selected makes the most wickets, you win the top bowler bet.

Top Batsman

Top batsman is also player-centered cricket bet. Like the top bowler bet, you will select in advance, the player you believe will score many goals. The good thing about specific-player bets is you are not limited to which team.

Instead, you can choose a player you believe will emerge the top batsman from either team.

Innings Runs

Here is where it starts to get a bit tricky. With this bet, you will need to correctly guess the number of runs that will be performed in the first innings. Because of its level of competence, most sportsbooks place it as an under or over wager.

For you to win on this, you need to point to the exact number of runs. If they turn out to be true, you will win the bet.

Team of Top Batsman

It is almost straightforward that this bet is for those who do not want to bet on the top batsman. Instead, they choose to place their bet on the team that will produce the top batsman. Although many think, it is a bit easier to guess which team will produce the top batsman, things usually turn differently.

A team considered and underdog many produce the top batsman.

Tournament Outright Winner

This cricket water is placed early during the tournament possibly before the start of the competition. It is set to determine the team that will emerge the winner in the end. As you can imagine, this is one of the hardest bets for nobody knows what will happen during the competition.

Weather conditions and other internal factors may completely affect a team voted as the favorite to win.

Series Score

Betting on the final score is another popular bet on a cricket tournament. It is considered one of the toughest cricket bets for one needs to guess how many games each team participating in the tournament will win.

Method of Dismissal

This bet is usually for those who are in live betting. In this bet, you will predict the kind of dismissal a batsman in the crease will be removed from the ground. Some of the outcomes you will need to choose from include:

  • Run out
  • Bowled
  • Caught
  • Stumped
  • LBW

Other Bets on the Cricket Game

Although there are many bet types in crickets, we’ve outlined the most popular options. Other bets you can wager on include most run outs, odd/even runs, player of the series/man of the match, toss combination, win toss, series winner, and under/over score.

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