Your Audience Has Changed. How To Operate In The Pandemic Era?

Your Audience Has Changed. How To Operate In The Pandemic Era?

Did you know that the people you want to reach are completely different from a year ago? Current needs, preferences, and desires have changed in the last 12 months. One of the things we need the most is contact.

Unfortunately, this is not about a new email campaign. Fancy ads are also not a way to establish a relationship with the recipient, and it’s about something that can be touched.

Printed materials in times like this seem like a strange idea. In reality, however, the key is perfect design and correlation of online and offline activities. Just think how much you’ll stand out from the crowd if you showcase a beautifully printed business card.

Do you still think this is nonsense? And if we remind you what a great attraction is a courier’s visit to your home?

That’s right, and you can send out your business cards or coupons in the traditional way: by post. Okay, but what strategy to adopt?

Ubiquitous consumer

The attention of users has recently been split into many different devices. We use a phone, laptop, and many social platforms at the same time. The pandemic has only meant that we spend even more time browsing the Internet, and even more screens surround us.

Unfortunately, this is not that good news. First, the ad must break through the enormous amount of white noise in order to reach the user’s ears. So why not use a local print shop? Leaflets will definitely stand out above the monitor and attract attention. However, it is worth considering a strategy in which we combine many different sources. It is a good idea to print a beautiful catalog of our products and add a QR code to it. Thanks to this, the recipient will also immediately go to the online website of our company.


It has long been known that users are obsessed with personalization. Importantly, we are able to use it not only on the Internet but also on paper. By having access to the collected data, we can determine how to customize the material we send to our recipients.

It is worth using the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Use the same information you would use to develop an online marketing campaign. The current technology is at such a high level that you will be able to correlate data collection applications and personalization of promotional materials easily.

What content has had the intended effect in the past? Also, consider what your audience may be looking for. Thanks to this, you will hit flawlessly.

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