How To Increase Backlinks? The Basis Of Backlinks To Increase Efficiently

How To Increase Backlinks? The Basis Of Backlinks To Increase Efficiently

Backlinks cannot be ignored to enhance the SEO of your site.


・ I don’t know how the number of backlinks increases.

・ I want to know what a site with many backlinks is doing.

・ If I create good content, will it lead to the acquisition of backlink?

Many people may have questions such as. In this article, we will tell you the ideas necessary to increase the number of backlinks and the effective methods to be practiced.

How To Increase High-Quality Backlinks Using Content

In a word, backlinks include good backlinks and malicious backlinks.

Good quality backlinks are called “natural links” and are effective backlinks for SEO. On the other hand, malicious backlinks are called “spam links”, and in some cases, they are penalized by search engines instead of having no SEO effect.

How do you get good backlinks?

Mechanism Of Increasing Backlinks

Good quality backlinks are not always what you want to get. Besides paying to buy a link. It is subject to a penalty. In order to increase the number of backlinks, the first step is to make the content and site visible to many people.

The scenario up to the acquisition of backlinks will be explained using the funnel of the inverted triangle.

Content is visible to people (impression)

No matter how good the content is, you can’t get backlinks without seeing it.

Content and sites need to be visible to the public by all means.

Satisfy user satisfaction

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all content that will satisfy everyone

However, by increasing impressions and providing quality content, you can achieve a certain percentage of user satisfaction. Measures to increase this fixed percentage are the key to acquiring backlinks.

Satisfied users will introduce you (acquisition of backlinks)

Users who are happy with the good content may mention it on their blog or social media. Again, of course, not all users will post the link.

In order to increase the probability even a little, we need content that exceeds the user’s expectations.

By being introduced and spread in this way, high-quality backlinks will naturally gather. So what is needed to improve the yield rate in such a funnel structure?

Two Points To Improve Yield

As mentioned above, to acquire backlinks,

  • Increase impressions
  • Satisfy user satisfaction
  • Acquire backlinks

There were three steps. And there is a certain yield between these steps. Here are two points to improve this yield.

1. Strengthening Content Delivery

Impressions will not increase just by posting the content you created on the site.

・ Get top search results with SEO 

・ Expose in various situations using advertisements

・ Deliver content by e-mail newsletter

You need to deliver the content in various ways, such as. Among them, we will introduce easy and effective methods.

Use SNS To Increase Impressions

After creating content, first, use SNS to increase impressions.

The web secretary is also taking measures to increase impressions on SNS such as Twitter.

In particular, the above download contents and interview contents are compatible with SNS, and many impressions can be earned.

Also, if you continue to operate SNS, the number of followers of your account will gradually increase.

As followers share more content, a virtuous cycle of more impressions is created. Let’s increase impressions by actively using SNS.

2.Exceed User Expectations

After increasing the impressions, the “quality of content” game.

If the quality of the content greatly exceeds the user’s expectations, it will be “This content must be spread to other people!” And the probability of connecting to a link will increase.

The following four elements are required to exceed the user’s expectations.

How To Increase Backlinks Using PR

Here are some other ways to increase backlinks. That is “PR / public relations activities”. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with SEO, but it’s becoming more important in recent years.

Contribution Article

If you have media operated by other companies that can make the most of your expertise and uniqueness, it is effective to contribute articles.

You can get backlinks by having them put a link directly to your company’s site from the contributed site or page. (Note: The link is not automatically attached, so ask the publisher.)

Contributed articles have merits for both the contributor and the recipient.

As mentioned above, contributors can not only get backlinks directly but also have the advantage of increasing the number of places to deliver their own content.

On the other hand, for the contributor (media side), it is possible to post specialized content, so it is possible to post content with a high EAT element.

If you are looking out for a link building services agency that can cater to all your link building needs, we have reviewed Doting Word Solutions and this agency provides amazing link building services which will grow your company at a rapid pace.

Interview Article

Since each of the links is posted on the company’s site from the part surrounded by the red frame, it means that the Web secretary has acquired the backlink.

As you can see, in the interview article

  • You can get backlinks
  • Impressions increase by being posted on media that can attract customers
  • You can firmly convey the content of your company’s service

Because of these three merits, PR (public relations) activities are effective as marketing measures.

Exposure of TVs, Magazines, Etc.

The exposure of mass media such as TV and magazines actually contributes greatly to the acquisition of backlinks.

When our company’s efforts, products, and services are featured in information programs and specialized magazines, they are seen by many people and become a hot topic.

Then, web media such as news sites and PR sites will pick up the source of the topic, and backlinks will be acquired from there.

In order to be featured in the Web media, it is necessary to have a “topic” that is of interest to many people, so it is not an easy task, but please try it as part of your PR measures.

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