How To Create Copy And Visuals On Facebook Ads

Find out how to create effective copy and beautiful creatives for your Facebook Ads advertising campaigns. To create a successful Facebook Ads campaign, you need to pay particular attention to the copy and visuals of the promotional message. Now let’s find out what they are and why they are so important.

What is the copy of a Facebook Ads campaign?

In the marketing field, the copy of advertising content is the textual part that the target audience reads in a promotional message. The copy of a post on Facebook is particularly important because it is what, together with the visual, pushes the user to click on the content.

What is the visual of a Facebook Ads campaign?

In the marketing industry, the visual is the visual part of an advertisement, be it a photograph, a graphic, or an illustration. Often, in a Facebook Ads campaign, it is the visual that allows you to attract the attention of a potential customer in his “scrolling” activity on the social network bulletin board.

Tips for creating effective copy and visuals on Facebook Ads

Knowing how to write well and knowing how to perfectly handle the various graphics programs that the web offers are qualities that are not enough to create effective advertising campaigns on Facebook. The copywriting for Facebook Ads is bound to very specific rules, like the care of the images within the promotional content published on the social network.

Creative or commercial: find the right balance

In the process of designing a copy for a Facebook advertising campaign, priority must be given to the clarity and immediacy of the advertising message. Sometimes, too creative writing can be counterproductive as it can confuse users.

Similarly, a too complex visual that does not immediately refer to the promotional message can be ineffective on Facebook.

The opposite excess, that is, being too didactic in copy and visual is just as wrong. The best choice, therefore, is to find the right balance between the creativity necessary to capture users’ attention (generating curiosity in them) and the immediacy that cannot be ignored to convey one’s advertising message better.

Do several tests for your Facebook Ads campaign.

The social network allows those who create a campaign to monitor the results of it and, possibly, intervene if it is not bearing the hoped-for results. Finding the winning formula between copy and visual for a Facebook Ads campaign on the first try is a very rare undertaking. The fundamental rule requires you to carry out multiple tests with various combinations of different copies and visuals to find the one capable of recording the best results.

Personalize your message

For those who do not master the graphics programs perfectly, there are several tools on the web that offer many models that anyone can use for free. To avoid the “pre-packaged” effect, however, in this case, it is important to try to personalize the visual as much as possible to identify that element capable of creating the right connection with your audience.

Similarly, even in copy, it is necessary to use a vocabulary relevant to your reference sector, paying particular attention to the words and the various implications of meaning connected to them.

Call to action: focus on the benefits.

For the call to action of a Facebook Ads campaign, it is advisable to use an active verbal form, focus on the urgency and the need to accept the offer immediately and clearly, and immediately perceive the benefits linked to the action. In this regard, the visual can and must contribute to making even more evident the added value that the user can count on once clicking on the promotional ad, also visually showing the final result.

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