How To Build Customer Loyalty With Personalized Programs

From customer management to customer relationship management

Customer Loyalty, When we talk about CRM, we are talking about customer and relationship management. Management that aims to establish, maintain and improve relations with them and, therefore, their loyalty.

For this reason, CRM should not be associated simply and reductively with the idea of ​​software but rather with activities and strategies aimed at understanding and satisfying the customer through “data.” A customer is increasingly at the center and, at the same time, more elusive. For this reason, loyalty programs, studied on the blackboard rather than at the table, become vital.

To retain a customer on the web, you must be one click ahead of him.

But how to build customer loyalty?

Loyalty is the construction of a lasting bond with the customer, which can take place through different paths. Registrations, rewards, benefits, offers, and, first of all, communication and personalized content. Because in a market where customers are numbers and data (which often run out only at the name after the “hello”), creating customized loyalty programs addressing them as people with certain desires, preferences and needs can make a difference.

In a word, how to build customer loyalty? “Knowing them.”

Know The Customer

The data analysis phase, more than central, is functional to the knowledge of the real inclinations, habits and needs to be satisfied. The gathering of the “data” itself is of little use: it must be disassembled, disassembled, and reassembled to be concretely understood and to be exploited in all its potential from the first and decisive contact. The mantra is “getting to know the customer to anticipate their next click

In a word, how to build customer loyalty? “Knowing them.”

Customize The Content

Customer knowledge is, in turn, functional to the segmentation of the customer base and to the personalization of content because generic (and generalizing) content is no longer enough. Tailor-made content for targeted communication that touches the right notes, in the right tone, based on the person’s characteristics and presents the right promotions based on their preferences, inclinations, previous purchases, and even browsing habits of that person.

Offer Real Benefits

If the relationship is built on both sides, it must have real benefits. The proposal, the formula, and the promotion must represent a form of convenience for the customer, who must feel really encouraged. For this reason, if a real need is satisfied in addition to offering convenience, then the value and the results can only increase.

Offer Emotional Benefit

In a market where consumers demand more, communication must not stop at material advantages alone but must go further. In addition to the economic benefits, the services offered, and all the incentives, a personalized loyalty program must bring emotional benefits as well as “experiential ones. ” It must involve the customer, offer him a unique experience, inextricably binding him to the brand (and its products/services).

In short, here are four simple but very useful tips on how to retain customers with personalized programs; why it is convenient because they will be more effective because the brand will be positively affected, and above all, because customers will be much more satisfied.

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