Do You Want To Show The World Your Unique Product? The Facebook Ads Campaign Is Just For You.

Promotion is the key to developing your business and reaching new customers. Once upon a time, the main tools for this were television and direct advertising, then the Internet and with it social media. The most popular of them is Facebook, which is logged in by over 1.5 billion users every day. Even more important information for entrepreneurs on the local market is that almost half of Poles have an account on this website. So let’s take a look at how we can use it to promote the company. 

What are the possibilities of advertising on Facebook?

The ads on the platform are auctioned, where advertisers pay based on clicks, impressions, or user action. There are many different formats. Here we have full control over all the creative elements: it means that we can create the title ourselves, choose photos and write any text. The social platform currently has 10 different types of ads. The most popular of them are pictures, video, collections, slide shows and carousel. The effectiveness of each type may vary depending on the service or product being promoted. 

The benefits of Facebook Ads

They allow you to create incredibly effective advertising campaigns that can bring huge profits at low costs. One of the biggest advantages of content on this platform is the ability to target your ads very accurately. Thanks to the powerful database owned by Facebook, we can easily make our products reach only those people who are likely to benefit from the offer. We can set ads to people of a certain gender in a given age range or depending on your interests. The editor also allows for even more accurate targeting.

Another great advantage of advertising campaigns on Facebook  is the ability to control your daily and monthly budget yourself. Facebook Ads is for all businesses that want to reach a local or global audience. Producers of innovative products and solutions that are not searched on Google can benefit the most. 

Thanks to Facebook Ads, we have the opportunity to reach and present the product to people who could not otherwise find out about its existence. Besides, to see the first positive effects of the campaign, you don’t have to spend your entire company budget. 

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