Cause Marketing: What It Is And How To Do It Right?

In a world where values ​​such as ethics, sustainability, and responsibility have acquired and continue to acquire more and more centrality, one of the recent trends in marketing is Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing is one of the latest marketing trends. Find out what it is and how to use it correctly to promote your brand.

It is a branch capable of enhancing those companies that can meet the growing sensitivity of consumers, supporting a good cause, or giving an ethical value to the products and/or services offered to customers. This guide will illustrate, in detail, what Cause Marketing is, how it works, and, above all, how to use it correctly.

What is Cause Marketing, how does it works, and what advantages does it offers?

Cause Marketing refers to the set of marketing and communication activities focused on a cause of social relevance and aimed at improving society by trying to change the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and social groups. Therefore, the purpose of a company that implements Cause Marketing strategies and techniques is twofold and is not limited only to the mere objective of increasing profits.

As already mentioned, supporting a good cause or giving an ethical value to what is offered to its customers allows a company to stand out from the competition, strengthening the brand’s reputation and obtaining greater target loyalty in the medium to long term.

How to best use Cause Marketing

Taking advantage of the advantages offered by Cause Marketing is not easy for a company, both because it is a particularly slippery ground and because consumers today are increasingly aware and savvy, as well as ready to immediately and loudly underline any behavior that is not strictly transparent. The risk of a boomerang effect is high: the company could find itself having to manage a crisis if it does not demonstrate that it can address these issues with due caution.

Specifically, a brand must be fully in line with the noble cause it decides to marry and must do something concrete to change society and the planet’s fate without showing discrepancies between its intentions (although noble on paper) and its concrete actions (not always coherent and practical). Above all, a brand must not superficially deal with delicate issues such as ethics, sustainability, or responsibility without real adherence to these values, with the risk of diminishing the importance of the supported causes.

The practice of appropriating ethical values ​​only as a form of marketing and market strategy to increase profits, exploiting the trends of the moment without a concrete civic commitment, takes the name of Woke Washing. As already mentioned, the risk of falling into it and becoming the victim of a social protest campaign is high.

Suppose you intend to test the effectiveness of Cause Marketing but do not want to risk making false steps and find yourself the victim of a protest campaign due to the Woke mentioned above Washing. In that case, you can request a consultation from professionals in the sector.

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