What Apple’s First Foldable Iphone Will Be Like,Do You Like It?

What Apple’s First Foldable Iphone Will Be Like,Do You Like It?

Foldable Iphone, It is evident that the market for mobiles with folding or extendable screens has only just begun. After a discreet premiere in 2019 with two terminals from Samsung and Huawei, in 2020, things seem to have changed. In just two months, we have two phones that could mark the future of the market.

In essence, it is the Motorola RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, two designs that do seem to have greater commercial acceptance, and that could convince skeptics of the usefulness of such a device.

These Two Mobiles Are Serving To Show The World The Real Potential

And it is that these two mobiles are serving to show the world the real potential of this technology that is capable of halving the size of a smartphone in our pocket, without losing a single pixel of the operation that devices of almost seven have inches. So the big question Apple fans are asking is when we will see a foldable iPhone?

Would This Be A Foldable IPhone?

He has been the designer and influencer of Instagram bat.not.bad, which has almost 900,000 followers, who have ventured to imagine what a future iPhone 12 Flip with folding screen in the style of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could be like, presented a few years ago. Days.

A terminal that looks elegant does not take up much in hand, and that recovers its entire smartphone appearance when opened.

The phone has, unlike the Samsung and Motorola models, a differentiating element: the screen that covers the entire upper part when folded, which would allow us to be able to operate it with one hand easily, especially to carry out those tasks of sending or receiving calls, reading messages that have reached us, and even responding if necessary quickly or starting or stopping music playback.

As always happens with these concept designs (which they have called the iPhone 12 Flip), they will not go from here, but they serve to give us an idea of ​​the many paths that Cupertino could explore in the face of a future folding iPhone.

Because in these questions, as in many others, as important as knowing how it will be is to think about when it will come, if it will be in a few years or, as it often happens with Apple, we will never finish seeing it, forever skewing any hope of having such a phone in our pocket.

That yes, to announce an iPhone 12 Flip, how much do you think it would cost? Think about the reference prices of Samsung or Huawei and now add the plus that Apple puts in its products, even more, if we talk about a mobile phone with a folding screen: 3,000 euros?

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