The Price Of The New Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Headphones Leaks

The Price Of The New Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Headphones Leaks

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones are one of the most anticipated products along with the new Galaxy S21 series that will make their debut next January. Some headphones that would become the benchmark in the Samsung environment, as is the case with AirPods in the Apple world.

Specifically, they are expected to be presented at the same event as the new Galaxy S21 series. Something that the South Korean manufacturer has already accustomed us to since the same scenario that occurred with the Buds + and the Galaxy S20 or the Buds Live and the Galaxy Note 20 is repeated. In this case, the Galaxy Buds Pro will share looks and spotlights next to the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra.

There has been a lot of information leaked from this new version of Samsung’s headphones in terms of design, features and functions, but there was still an important piece of information to be revealed, its price. Well, in the absence of more than 20 days for its presentation, the GalaxyClub portal has filtered the price at which they would reach the European market, and therefore our country.

This Would Be The Price Of The New Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro In Europe.

The source of this information is the same one that also leaked the prices of the Galaxy S21, and now they assure that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones will be the most expensive Samsung headphones so far. Its price in the European market would be set at 229 euros, an amount above the Galaxy Buds Live and below Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Among some of the leaked features, the Buds Pro offer active noise cancellation, water and dust resistance and have been rumoured to offer up to 22 hours of uninterrupted use.

At the moment, everything indicated that the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones would arrive as a gift for all those who made the reservation of one of the flagships of the Galaxy S21 series. Now, taking into account the official price at which they would arrive in Europe, the truth is that it is possible that this only happens if the model we reserve is the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

In any case, it only remains to wait a few days for both the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Buds Pro to be officially presented, and their price is revealed and if they will arrive as a gift to those who reserve a specific model of the Galaxy S21 family.

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