The 10 Best Alternative Search Engines To Google

Today Google is the reference search engine on the Internet, but it is not the only one. Different models offer different results and privacy features. Each one of them uses its own algorithm, thus allowing a wide variety of results to be displayed. Here we present our selection of alternative search engines to Google. Don’t miss it and keep reading! 

The Most Relevant Alternative Search engines

There are certain qualities that search engines have to establish themselves as an alternative to the Internet giant, Google. They present a similar way of use, although there are no two search engines that index the web in exactly the same way. So we present different alternatives to the Google search engine


Faced with the apparent monopoly of Google, Microsoft’s bet is Bing. This choice of alternative search engines to Google has an attractive design, with a background image that varies. Include information about that image and events that occurred on that date. 

It is an alternative in which image, news or map searches can be carried out, it presents widgets with sports results, and it offers a page translator. 

You can develop a division of the results and flatten them to the section that is separated for the wallpaper. Searches can be located anywhere on the screen. This is how you can organize the results

It presents a wide navigation panel that has a multitude of tools. So searches can be organized based on the relationship they have with previous searches or different pages. 


It is a search engine that does not track your information. If we go further, we find unpaginated results, which include favicons, some symbols on the side, which makes it easy to recognize our favourite web spaces. By means of quick answers, a basic definition and description are known without having to enter the website.

When it comes to privacy, DuckDuckGo bets on privacy as a competitive advantage presents a space where you cannot relate search histories to yourself. That is why it is a very good option for someone concerned about privacy and who has a simple and uncluttered interface.

Add the chronograph option, with which the possibility of keeping track of time is presented. You can search for images, videos, music or text.

It is a non-profit digital library that has a multitude of free access books, music, movies and websites. 

Faced with alternative search engines to Google, this option has a great web history. It is possible to find content from 20 years ago in it. From a free account, you can access different multimedia content

“Open Library” is a space where you can “borrow” scanned books. In addition, it also collects television information, which is why it is highly relevant among researchers. Regarding the privacy of the users, they declare that they “try to avoid keeping the IP addresses of the users and offer a site in https”. 


It is a platform that defines itself as the most private search engine in the world since it “does not register, track or share your personal data.” That is why it is committed to the protection of data as its greatest hallmark. 

“We want you to dance as if no one is looking at you” is his maxim, which reflects his commitment to privacy. Their servers do not store user data, so they do not share it either. “Anonymous visit” is an option that is presented as an alternative for a totally private results visit. 


It is not one of the most popular pages, but nevertheless, it can be useful on many occasions. It presents search results in which it includes all kinds of content. That is other alternative search engines to Google censor information or results that cannot be displayed according to certain parameters. 

Gibiru is presented as a great alternative to Google since it exposes all the information, without censorship. That is why it is a very useful tool for journalists and researchers. 


With an appearance similar to that of Google, Qwant is presented as an alternative that is committed to data protection. This French model does not use the use of cookies, or the exchange of personal data, so it does not carry out a personalization of searches. It is a search engine for news, images, websites and social networks

In addition, it has different spaces such as Qwant Music or Qwant Boards where consumers can share different multimedia content. And, thinking about the protection of the little ones, it has Qwant Junior, where what is shown is protected, and educational content is promoted. 

Yahoo Search

It is a complete search engine since it presents the opportunity to divide the results into different themes: sports, music, finance, etc. In this way, the latest information is received in a simple way. 

It has the option to search in different languages, as well as different spaces in which to share specific formats. This is the case of the image with Flickr, for example. 

It is the browser that we can find by default in Mozilla Firefox, and it presents the results provided by Bing.

Your offer includes a simple design and only provides results. That is, it presents a question-answer format. It has great popularity in the United States. 

It presents different thematic spaces, among which one of Ask for Children stands out. 

Wolfram Alpha

It is a search engine that has detailed and specific answers. These are offered in a fast way. Among the alternative search engines to Google, it stands out because it has a wide range of educational utilities. They can be carried out using questions or comparisons to obtain different statistics. It offers a result of mathematical problems through equations and theory. You can automatically generate integrations or constants; as well as graphs of complex numbers. It also presents functionalities in the field of geometry, visualization or linguistic convenience, among others. 

Searches can be done without an account. However, to carry out some functions such as saving a search history, it would be necessary to register as a user.


The alternative to Google that is committed to sustainability is presented. Its operation is carried out in collaboration with Bing. It is considered a search engine with great power that offers very good results in an agile way. 

Among the alternative search engines, Google stands out for its ecological commitment, since it allocates 80% of its income to planting trees in different parts of the world. It is a very good option because you can get good digital and natural results.

Now it’s up to you, what is your favourite Google alternative? Tell us about everything you want to search into. And if this information has been interesting to you, don’t forget to share! 

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