You lose 96% of visitors to your website. Here’s how to make them come back and buy your service or product.

You lose 96% of visitors to your website. Here’s how to make them come back and buy your service or product.

Remarketing – don’t guess; just grab the customer.

Remarketing: “The best marketing does not show that it is marketing” – with these words, Tom Fishburne summed up the purpose and sense of using marketing activities in a sensational way. This statement also perfectly reflects the assumptions of remarketing.

On the surface, the matter seems trivial. We want to direct the advertising message to people who have already visited the site but have not used our offer or services. In practice, it turns out that only 4% of the potential is used. The remaining 96% of customers do not generate any revenues. This is clear proof that our remarketing is completely ineffective. As a result, instead of generating profits, we only generate frustration in users.

The most common mistakes

Simply displaying banner ads on website is not enough. This technique does not produce any tangible results and is horribly ineffective. As a result, one group of people doesn’t see the ads at all, another group sees them too often, and yet another group sees them even after a purchase has been made. This only discourages customers from using the brand, so we get the opposite effect to the desired one.

The frequency at an effective level

The solution to the above problem is extremely simple. The key to success is to operate in accordance with the assumptions of the “effective frequency”. The idea is for the recipient to see the advertisement as many times as it will mobilize them to place an order or finalize the transaction. If the advertising message is displayed too rarely, we will not gain a potential customer. If the advertising message is propagated too often, we will discourage potential or existing customers. How to find the golden mean? It is necessary to use “Frequency capping” to set a limit of views per unique user. The above solution must be combined with setting a time limit for which cookies remain on our remarketing list. This will translate into the number of days or sometimes even weeks in which we will present our banners to recipients.

Top efficiency, i.e. a really effective remarketing campaign

After the diagnosis of the mistakes made, it is time to implement effective corrections. The topic of remarketing campaigns is quite extensive. Therefore, it is recommended that you first focus on the following 3 aspects:

  • audience segmentation (we should have several remarketing lists for different customer groups as their needs are not the same)
  • personalization of messages (the person viewing the product may need a rebate code, and the person viewing the FAQ may need an incentive in the form of a video presenting the benefits of placing an order)
  • advertising on valuable websites (displaying banners on websites with a poor reputation will only discourage users)

Effective remarketing has a huge impact on the revenues and position of the company in the market. The application of the above recommendations guarantees a significant increase in the effectiveness of the campaign. If you have not used this solution yet, we strongly recommend it. This is only the tip of the remarketing potential, but it is worth spending some time exploring the possibilities of this technology.

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