Let’s Talk About Technology In The Language Of Business

Let’s Talk About Technology In The Language Of Business

The development of technology combined with demographic changes poses more and more difficult challenges for companies that cannot be met without the strong support of digital solutions, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning.

One thing is certain – in the changing world, those companies that skillfully and effectively use new technologies and implement them in production or sales processes and make them elements of strategy and operational activity will win.

Polish entrepreneurs who try to weave digital solutions into their operational and management processes know this. Data collection, analytics, and ongoing reporting have become a standard today in most medium-sized companies and large enterprises, which entered into force a decade ago. The results of a study by ICAN Research show that technologically advanced organizations already use computerized processes that provide knowledge and data to make management decisions. Robotization and artificial intelligence solutions are becoming common among the leaders of change, providing an impulse to accelerate changes in company processes. The higher stage of “initiation” is self-learning systems (they are part of AI), which without human participation, find the best solutions based on the available data. On their basis, they integrate, process, and optimize all processes.

In many cases, however, the digital revolution primarily affects production, sales, and customer service. Meanwhile, practice shows that the best results are achieved by those who comprehensively approach digital transformation and do not hesitate to introduce groundbreaking changes, even in their strategy or business models. Therefore, entrepreneurs treat digitization more and more seriously and develop their digital competencies from year to year. Among them are our readers and participants in training programs. ICAN Institute has been the publisher of the Polish edition of Harvard Business Review for 16 years and has been conducting prestigious training courses for almost 20 years for business. Questions from the readers and participants of the training and the problems they reported showed us that, apart from leadership, strategic and managerial competencies, new technologies and the ability to use them in business are becoming more and more desirable competencies in business. We are trying to provide our clients with more and more knowledge on these topics, but they still want more and more.

These expectations at the meeting point of business and technology inspired us to conduct more detailed research on the digital maturity of Polish enterprises. That is why our research department, ICAN Research, in April this year conducted several hundred interviews among representatives of large and medium-sized companies representing various management functions. The analysis of the collected responses showed that Polish companies are at very different stages of digital advancement. Seeing the scale of this diversification, we understood that only a comprehensive approach would allow us to create an offer that will satisfy our client’s diverse needs through publishing and training activities. So we decided to reach for the world’s best solutions. To this end, we have established cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best technical university globally. As the first in Europe, we introduced the “MIT Sloan Management Review” magazine to the local market. As part of the new title and a platform comprising a quarterly research report, website, newsletters, and a community-focused around, methods and tools to maximize profits through new technologies and innovations will be regularly presented. We intend to rely not only on the experiences from the American market but also closely cooperate with Polish leaders of digital change and make extensive use of their experiences.

On the occasion of the debut of the new title, the MIT Sloan Management Review Congress will be held at the Legia Stadium in Warsaw. This is the first such initiative in Poland. Participants will gain the opportunity to gain knowledge in technology transfer to the business world directly from world-class experts. The event will be a unique opportunity to get to know international authorities and recognized leaders in the digital transformation of enterprises. Practical tips on digitization of enterprises and a solid dose of knowledge about the latest technological solutions await the participants of the congress for business, coming not only from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but also from companies such as Netflix, IBM, Asymco or – from our home yard – Tauron. Our guests will learn how to translate knowledge about the latest technological trends into activities that increase the company’s efficiency, teams, and employees. As part of networking meetings, you will talk directly with digital change practitioners.

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