What Changes Between Bing Maps And Google Maps

What Changes Between Bing Maps And Google Maps

How do Bing Maps and Google Maps work? What are the differences? Find out in detail in this article.

Google Maps is one of the most popular services among all those offered by the famous company based in Mountain View. Perhaps, however, not everyone knows that there are equally valid alternatives on the web. One of them is called Bing Maps.

In this guide, we will discover together what Bing Maps is and what the differences are between this service signed by Microsoft and Google Maps, both in terms of functionality and the quantity and quality of the images shown to users.

Having a clearer idea of ​​the distinctive characteristics of the two different services, it will then be easier to choose the most appropriate site based on your personal needs.

What is Bing Maps

Bing Maps (or Bing Maps ) is a virtual map service offered by Microsoft’s Bing search engines, formerly known as Live Search Maps, Windows Live Maps, Windows Live Local, and MSN Virtual Earth.

Inside, you can navigate and find road maps for different cities around the world. Bing Maps includes some points of interest, such as subway stations, stadiums, and hospitals. Users also have the ability to explore points of interest created by other public users. User searches may concern public collections, businesses, places, or people.

Bing Maps provides five predefined ways of viewing road maps:

  • Road View
  • Aerial View
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Street Side View
  • 3D View

The default view mode is the street view, which shows the user vector images of streets, buildings, and geographic areas.

Differences between Bing Maps and Google Maps

Bing Maps allows the ” bird’s eye ” consultation mode, available for larger areas than Google Maps. The “Panoramic view” of Bing Maps allows you to access the aerial view of the most urbanised areas, i.e., the cities and the first suburbs. To access the archive of aerial photos, just click the right mouse button on the map and choose the item ” View panoramic view. ” Bing Maps users can access aerial photos and scroll through them in all directions by simply dragging the slider.

Google Maps has quality satellite images of a very large surface of the Earth and more frequent updates than its direct competitor. The Google service renders buildings 3D using the resources of the video card installed on the machine and does not allow direct access to aerial photos, which are available for the main cities and the most populous locations. The ability to directly access the Google Maps database relating to aerial images is limited to developers only.

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