What Is A VPN And What Advantages Does It Have?

What Is A VPN And What Advantages Does It Have?

In recent times, you must have heard of what a VPN is. Many companies are launching the installation of this type of network, in order to organize better teleworking.

The installation of a VPN is definitely a good solution to improve security in managing to telecommute. But what is a VPN? And what advantages can installing this type of solution have for your business? We explain it to you.

Definition of VPN

The VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network, or what is the same, a virtual private network. It is a type of network that is very widespread in the business environment, allowing employees to connect to the network privately and with a higher level of security than if they were browsing the Internet or sharing files directly from home.

In general, in teleworking, we use a device (mobile, computer), which in turn connects to a router to connect directly to the Internet, either by cable or Wifi. Each of the devices that you have connected to your router thus forms a local network, which allows you to share files or peripherals such as a printer between devices.

The great advantage of the VPN is that you can have this local network, without it being necessary for all the devices to be in the same place. That is, each worker can be working from home and with their computer, but in turn connected to a virtual network, through which they can share data and use the same tools or programs.

This provides great flexibility when working, which has many advantages for your company to continue developing its activity during the Covid-19 crisis.

What Are The Advantages Of A Virtual Private Server?

Let’s see some of the advantages that working with a VPN has for your company.

Greater Security

One of the benefits of VPNs is undoubtedly security. If each worker connects from home to the Internet through a router, it takes advantage of the services of the Internet provider. Now, it does not connect directly to the pages you browse but rather connects to the VPN, through which you are browsing the Internet.

This is what is known as a “data tunnel”, you do not connect to the Internet with your IP address, but with the IP address of the VPN. In this way, you can connect through an encrypted connection and anonymously, which gives you greater online security.

Remote Work

It is not safe for every employee to connect from home to a company network. We need to work remotely but safely. For that, the best thing is to have a VPN that allows us to share files and information between multiple employees, who can sometimes be located miles away, even in different cities.

In this way, we reduce not only security risks through an encrypted connection. We also facilitate that there can be an adequate integration between all employees, who can coordinate and work together even if they are in their respective homes.

Use On All Devices

Not a few workers have a laptop and a mobile device provided by the company to carry out their work. Sometimes if workers are on the go and have to move, it is very convenient that they can connect to the Internet through the VPN and can also share data.

The great advantage of the VPN is that we can thus take greater control of these devices since the VPN can be used both from a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop or laptop computer without the greatest problem.

How To Install A VPN In My Company?

Many companies are currently thinking about installing and configuring a virtual private server in the company. In addition, many are realizing that security and maintenance are essential to be able to work properly and that today the risks are enormous.

If that is your case, what you need is to contact a computer company with professionals who will advise you throughout the process in order to enjoy maximum security. Each company is different and has its own characteristics, so before even considering installing and configuring a VPN, the ideal is to be clear about what you want and let yourself be advised by computer security experts.

If you want to create a VPN for your company, we invite you to contact us in order to answer any questions also we can help you with the best VPN services available in the market today.

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