The Quarantine And The Online Casino Industry

The Quarantine And The Online Casino Industry

The crisis is a time of opportunity!” it’s not just a cool phrase from charismatic social media speakers. This can be seen in the examples of companies for which government measures to combat the coronavirus infection did not interfere with their work, but, on the contrary, determined a positive trend in performance compared to the “healthy” period. And it’s not about pasta, food, and toilet paper manufacturers. The gambling industry – that’s who is living well now!

In our day, it is difficult to imagine how self-isolation could occur without the Internet, which offers a huge number of opportunities for work, development, communication, and leisure. The gaming industry is no exception. According to research conducted, an agency that studies the analytical performance of the gaming and esports industry, the market is estimated at $ 1059 million in 2020, up from $ 776 million two years ago. By 2023, it expects revenue growth of another half billion.

Gambling Industry Digitization

The digitization of the gambling industry is a direction that never stops. And the pandemic has only stimulated it, playing in favor of virtual casinos.

Coronavirus, total quarantine, and self-isolation in almost every country of the world have led to changes in the global gambling market and its most dynamic part in Kenyan online casino

Since March 2020, when the coronavirus outbreak has captured almost the entire world and many sporting events have been stopped, the global online gambling market has also started to change.

An interesting trend has emerged: the number of players at online casinos such as has started growing every week.

The average deposit volume in online casinos around the world in March increased by 3% compared to February 2020. At the same time, the Netherlands became the leader, where the growth was 9%.

In March, people started using smartphones more often than computers for betting – an 8% increase compared to February (67% of all online betting – from mobile devices).

The Future Of Casinos After The COVID-19 Pandemic

Experts have predicted that the next few years will bring a positive trend to online casinos, reducing the relevance of land-based casinos.

Although gambling websites will grow in popularity, after reducing the risk of coronavirus infection, the gambling market will gradually return to its usual course.

The period from 2021 to 2023 will be actively used by casinos, which already have an established audience, but also by new gambling platforms, which appear like mushrooms after rain.

How the emerging competition will affect the players themselves, according to experts:

  • registration bonuses, refunds, and other promotional offers will become more profitable. The promotions will be actively used by online casinos to attract new users.
  • The expansion of the virtual rooms will bring more slot machines, live games, and other gambling content.
  • Tournament frequency will increase, which is already evident. The growth of the audience contributes to the improvement of the interaction since he is the main tool for maintaining interest in the game.

Mobile Casinos Are Taking The Industry By Storm

In the near future, the best clubs in the game will definitely switch to mobile platforms.

Numerous factors contribute to this:

1.Customer service is cheaper. The casino site does not depend on the capabilities of the browser and the resources of the user’s PC.

2.There are fewer errors in applications. This protects users from losing ratings and money, and the operator reduces the number of conflicts.

3.Optimization on devices is better. The program is released sharp for device parameters, and this rules out bugs, crashes, and slowdowns.

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