The Importance Of Influencers In The Marketing Mix

The Importance Of Influencers In The Marketing Mix

It’s easy to say Influencers In The Marketing: now that this term has entered – by right – the lexicon of marketers and brands, it becomes of fundamental importance for everyone to understand the reasons for a success that is perhaps anything but announced.

Why do more and more marketing mix strategies include this lever, considered by many to be essential for certain sectors such as fashion, food, and cosmetics? The reason is obvious: consumers place more trustin influencers than in “official” advertising, be it online or offline.

But what are the strengths of this strategy?

Consumers tend to trust real people

A direct, conversational relationship is often established between influencers and their audience, made up of greetings, advice, and sometimes mutual appreciation. A relationship that will tend to give results at the time of the consumer’s choice. The human aspect prevails over the commercial one, even where the product is at the center of the shared social content.

Influencers are not directly connected to the advertising world

Unlike classic advertising testimonials, influencers tend to be very active on social media not only for promoting products but also (and above all) to show fragments of their real life. This detachment generates an analogy between the writer and the reader, a fundamental aspect of the campaign’s success.

92% of users prefer to listen to the advice of bloggers, vloggers, and Facebook influencers

The emotional aspect prevails over classic advertising

In the wake of the comments and reactions of other users, we tend to be more involved in activities related to the launch or promotion of a product on the influencer’s profile or page. According to some, influencer marketing is the “art of empathy,” translated as the influencer’s ability to express values ​​by telling the brand, all while talking about himself.

The brand is not imposed “from above”

The semi-amateurism of some content (whether intentional or not) makes the post much more accurate and less sophisticated, implanting in the consumer’s mind a reflection on the genuineness of when he reads. In this way (unlike classic advertising), the product is “suggested” and not “imposed,” breaking down – in fact – a barrier of distrust typical of the indecisive consumer.

Are you considering integrating an influencer marketing campaign into your marketing mix? Contact us now to work out a winning strategy together!

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