Display Advertising: The Advantages Of Web Promotion

Display Advertising: The Advantages Of Web Promotion

Entice the user to click

Essential for web marketing, display advertising is the most widespread form of online advertising. The term display, in fact, refers precisely to the peculiarity of this form of advertising suitable for the size of the web pages and screens from which they are viewed.

Whether they are banners or pop-up windows, display advertising is very useful for companies that want to promote their products or services on the web, make themselves known and advertise offers.

Whatever the reason, the goal is always to get the user’s attention and make them click.

Display advertising?

The heart of display advertise is the creation of an effective ad capable of capturing the user’s attention. How?

Everything must start from the target: who do you want to contact? Who is your customer? What are his habits? Defining these aspects is very important to be successful.

The fundamental element is the offer: promote attractive offers and exclusive opportunities to which the user cannot say no.

The creativity of the banner must highlight the content of the offer. Still, it must also – and above all – be incisive and capture the fleeting and distracted glances of the user: use quality images and choose colors suitable for the sensations you want to convey.

A good marketer sees consumers as complete human beings with all the facets of real people.

– Jonah Sachs

Display advertising: 

  • Power to images: display advertising mainly exploits graphic and visual creativity to attract the user’s attention.
  • Non-invasive advertising: the ads are placed on the page not to disturb the user’s reading but in strategic and precise positions.
  • Effectiveness: it is one of the advertising channels with the highest number of conversions.
  • Mobile friendly: Ads are perfectly suited to the small size of mobile devices and users’ mobile browsing habits.
  • Measurable results: Display advertising is measurable and analytically subject to precise evaluations. Analyzing the results or the progress of the campaign is essential to correct any errors or modify values.

Display Advertising, therefore, is a formidable tool for your business and for the promotion of your website or eCommerce, provided that it is exploited in all its incredible potential.

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