Multichannel Marketing: All The Roads Of The Web

Multichannel Marketing: All The Roads Of The Web

The importance of integrated communication

Multichannel Marketing, From digital user to multichannel user: more than one in two people say they use different platforms to get information or make purchases, completely abolishing the separation between the physical and digital world, increasingly interconnecting two worlds that until a few years ago seemed to exclude each other.

The Multichannel Observatory has defined this new trend of users as an ‘ everywhere commerce, ‘that is, purchases made anywhere and at any time of the day.

Markets are liquid

Mobile, social networks, online and offline printing, radio, TV, and web radio: there is no longer – or perhaps never really existed – a single sales channel. The typical web 3.0 user moves naturally and easily from one channel to another, traditional and digital, often simultaneously.

This cannot leave indifferent companies and companies that must learn to frequent the same “places” as their users to create a successful business. Thus, the only way forward becomes that of adaptation: multichannel users need communication and promotion strategies that are, in the same way, multichannel.

Companies can now communicate directly with their markets. If they don’t get it, it could be their last chance.

How to create a multichannel strategy

Sounds easy.

Achieve good – and effective! – multichannel strategy, in reality, requires attention, preparation, and a precise study of the target, communication channels, and competitors.

Generally, a communication strategy follows a series of steps of fundamental importance :

  1. Goal setting
  2. Analysis and definition of the reference target
  3. Choice of channels
  4. Choice of tools to use
  5. Drafting of the editorial calendar

However, the effectiveness of these operations is closely linked to a fundamental point: digital promotion requires constant commitment.

Creating a website is not always enough: it will be necessary to be present on social networks, send personalized and ad hoc emails, take advantage of the infinite possibilities of advertising, establish relationships with the press both online and offline, and – above all – analyze the data carefully to take advantage of the maximum information they are able to give on the behavior of our users.

The commitment and skills of a professional will increase visibility, better brand awareness, and the loyalty of the user, who will appreciate the company but, above all, the experience it offers.

Because to be successful in the world of the web, you have to tell with a unique and absolutely inimitable style!

Take a look at our H-Plan, and you will discover all the phases of a creative and multichannel marketing strategy!

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