Great Saving! How Storage Companies Give Support To New Business Startups

Great Saving! How Storage Companies Give Support To New Business Startups

Starting a business during a pandemic is a challenge. The risk of loss is greater than the chances of success — or even surviving until the tough time is over.

When you think of starting an online or offline business, you have plenty of worries. But only if you could have some space to store your inventory, half of your problems would be solved.

Average monthly rent cost varies all over the world. But mostly, it’s much more than any startup can afford — especially when there is little capital available to start a business.

That’s where storage companies can provide great support. You don’t need to search any shop or warehouse for your inventory, no paperwork required, no advance payment, absolutely nothing.

Just when you need some space, you can store as much content as you want to. And the storage rates are also much cheaper than a shop’s/warehouse’s rent. Also checkout the steps to select the perfect self storage unit for best results.

These storage companies are helping startups to grow in many ways. Let’s discuss how.

No Paperwork Required:

Starting even a small business requires adequate planning. You have to think about funding, your expenses for the next few months, production required, marketing strategy, and so much.

And when you think about renting a space, your worries are further increased. You have tedious, legal paperwork to deal with. And what if your shop owner turns out to be an avaricious jerk — surely, you won’t want to move to another shop for the next few months.

Storage companies free you up from this problem. You don’t need to deal with any owner, nor sign any contract. It’s like buying something in a required quantity only when you need it. Where else can you get some space like this?

No Contract Limit

Yes, you don’t need to sign any contract for a specific time period. Normally, shop owners ask you to sign a yearly contract so you can’t leave even if you don’t get enough business there to survive.

Secondly, this contract has to be renewed every year. And more often than not, owners ask you to increase the rent after every few months or a year. This clause is part of every contract, so you can’t ignore it.

On the other hand, storage companies don’t expect you to sign any such contract. Nor do they increase the storage price after every few months. This is such a great perk for any business, as they can plan their monthly rent expenses.

Also, you don’t have to worry about any legal consequences if you move to another storage company after a month or so.

Take As Much Space As You Need

Here we go. Another benefit of storage companies, you can get as much space as you need. No need to fret about finding another shop near the current ones so you can manage both.

Storage services have no restriction regarding how little or how big space is space you require for your inventory. They are happy to create a custom plan for you.

If you are in London, you can use storage in Portsmouth from BYSTORED for this purpose. They offer custom packages for the long-term and short-term storage of your inventory.

In traditional storage places, you have to be careful with your space. You can’t bring additional stock so you don’t run out of stock during the peak season.

Likewise, you don’t need unnecessary space as the more space you have acquired, the more rent you have to pay. And you don’t want to pay this rent for storing small inventory.

Much Cheaper Than Shops & Warehouses

Storage houses offer customized plans. You can state your requirements and they will prepare a plan for you based on your needs. Normally, these packages are budget-friendly, and when compared with the monthly rents you pay to shops and warehouses, the difference is significant.

Since storage companies are running a business where they store contents owned by various people under a single roof, they can afford to maintain low prices.

But that’s not the case with shops. When rented to you, they are supposed to be owned by you 24/7, so the price is bound to be greater in this situation.

Overall, price is one of the reasons why people choose storage companies over their own rented shops.

eCommerce Simplified

Storage companies have made it easy to start online stores. Of course, you don’t need to find a place to keep your inventory. Nor do you need to stuff your house with your inventory. All you need is a reliable storage service to take care of your belongings.

Some of them are even ready to assist in order fulfillment. For instance, you’re running an eCommerce business. You might have to fulfill an order at midnight, but that’s not an issue at all.

All major companies remain operational 24/7, so when you need to access your inventory, you can simply walk in and pick whatever you want to ship. For such services, you can explore cheap storage units by SSO.

Top-Notch Security

Rarely you will come across a complaint regarding storage companies. The thing is, they are always secured by alarms, locks, and security. Only the owner can access his/her content. No one else is allowed to touch or examine your content.

The same is true for inventory. For businesses, managing inventory remains a big problem. And when your staff has sticky fingers, a few dozen pieces can go missing without any reason. And you can’t do much since you don’t know who stole them.

This is another area where these storage companies are helping startups. When your mind is free of other worries, you can focus on the bottom line i.e. making money.


For startups, storage companies are a blessing. They can get as much space as they need for their inventory without paying hefty rents or advance payments. Secondly, they remain stress-free that their contents are safe. What else would you expect from a storage company, isn’t it a luxury?

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