Google Cloud Platform Services: Let’s Try To Explain Them

Google Cloud Platform Services: Let’s Try To Explain Them

Google Cloud Platform services: we tried to explain them in an understandable, even for professionals and non-professionals.

In recent times we hear more and more often about Cloud services. Indeed, the large corporations in the IT sector are competing remotely through the services they offer. The market leader right now is undoubtedly Amazon, thanks to Amazon Web Services, a suite that most companies and professionals use.

Google wanted to respond to the excessive power of Amazon thanks to the Google Cloud Platform. However, not everyone knows what this platform includes and what tools it makes available to professionals. So here is everything you need to know in this article that will explain in a simple and precise way what the Google Cloud Platform services are.

Google Cloud Platform The Three Main Services

At this point, we need to understand what the Google Cloud Platform consists of.

First, it is necessary to understand the platform’s purpose, namely to provide the user with a complete experience that can accompany him in various fields, from application development to data analysis, up to artificial intelligence. In this general framework, it is also necessary to consider the costs of the service, which are pretty low and proportionate based on the use that must be made of the various services.

As mentioned above, however, GCP’s core services are particular. In fact, Big G has decided to launch three services that represent a sort of backbone of the entire platform.

Google Apple Engine

The first service is called Google App Engine. This tool can be used by those who need more instances to be able to manage larger applications.

Furthermore, this is a PaaS service, i.e., Platform-as-a-service, so you just have to leave your code and manage it by the platform.

Google Compute Engine

The second service is Google Compute Engine. This tool is able to provide virtual machines that are fully customizable, following your needs. It is a tool that requires greater experience in the sector; even if once mastered, it is possible to manage it at lower costs than App Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine

The third and final major service of the GCP is called the Google Kubernetes Engine. This service mainly allows you to manage and orchestrate large-scale Kubernetes clusters. An optimal tool but once again aimed only at those who have knowledge of the sector.

The Other Components Of The Google Cloud: Which Are The Most Interesting?

There are other fascinating components of the Google Cloud Platform: even we try to explain them.

Google Container Build

These three main services are followed by a series of components and tools that are part of the suite and can be used in the most disparate ways. For example, there is Google Container Build for those who are developers or need to test a certain application. This tool is very useful because it is compatible with Google’s Kubernetes and allows you to test your code locally.


Another very interesting tool from Google Cloud Platform is BigQuery. This element is essential for those who deal with analytics and have to analyze the so-called Big Data. This tool has enormous potential and can analyze up to 1 Terabyte of data.

Cloud Dataflow

At the same time, there is the Cloud Dataflow tool capable of creating a real-time or archived data pipeline. Those who want to have a big hand with artificial intelligence, on the other hand, can focus on Google Cloud AI. This tool aims at customers with advanced skills in creating their own customized artificial intelligence models that can give excellent results in various application sectors.

Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect

Finally, to connect between private clouds and the Google Cloud Platform, it is possible to take advantage of Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect, a system capable of creating this connection with a transmission capacity that can reach up to 80 GPS.

How Can You Take Advantage Of The Potential Of The Cloud?

Several features of the Google cloud are primarily aimed at an audience of advanced professionals. What should you do if you want to take advantage of these opportunities but do not have the necessary means? The answer is simple; you can rely on us to get advice on this. We will be able to find the optimal solution for your characteristics and provide you with just what you need. This way, you can get the best out of the Google Cloud Platform and see the economic and other benefits it has on your business.

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