Google Algorithm Update In 2020

Google Algorithm Update In 2020

We all know that google algorithm update then Google search engine classifies our Web pages through a score based on different metrics, to position ourselves better or worse in the search results with specific keywords.

But, what do these metrics really value? If we knew its operation, we could perfect our pages much more. Also, Google algorithm update (Updates) may not change anything or change absolutely everything.

But, what do these metrics really value? If we knew its operation, we could perfect our pages much more. Also, Google updates (Updates) may not change anything or change absolutely everything.

How Does Google Algorithm Work?

Perhaps it is the best-kept secret in the world, and that is that Google is very suspicious about giving information to the Webmasters it refers to (speaking of the algorithm, in other fields they are widely generous).

According to the founder of Google, Larry Page, the goal of a good search engine is always to offer accurate information in the shortest possible time. That is why Google has an open fight against SPAM and the Web that performs black hat SEO (corrupt SEO practices).

Not many years ago, Google measured more than two hundred factors on each Web page to rank it, but today it is rumoured that Google has a neural network that applies AI (artificial intelligence).

So Webmasters not only have no idea how Google works, but also, when we understand how it does, it launches an Update (algorithm update), and we are relocated again.

More In-Depth: Google Robots

As far as Google is known, it has numerous bots (software in continuous operation) that analyze different factors of the Web pages.

Some Of Them Sure Sound Like You, Are:
  • Panda: Bot focused on classifying Web pages based on their content quality, evaluating whether visitors are satisfied with the search result.
  • Penguin: This other Bot focuses on analyzing links to Web pages, degrading artificial links, and penalizing Web pages that do bad SEO positioning practices.
  • Hummingbird: This Bot focuses on the user experience when evaluating its satisfaction once the search results are displayed. It does not work alone in this area of ​​user experience.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Relatively recent bot (it’s a joke) that focuses on valuing pages based on whether they are responsive, that is, if they adapt to any medium (pc / tablet / mobile).

Although obviously, there are many more that we do not know and measure different aspects of our Web pages. Surprised? In our opinion, Google will be the first company in the world to create AI so that we can expect everything.

Google 2020 Algorithm Updates

If you reached 2020 after the progress that was the year 2019, then you are doing things right. This year promises to be also very progressive, and with many, many significant changes, so you will have to be more attentive than ever and update, as far as possible, your page and content.

Remember to follow the advice of good practices of Google and although in an update, you get hurt, do not throw in the towel and keep working hard.

Update January 13, 2020

We started the year with a major update of the core of the Google algorithm update, which they have dubbed the January 2020 main update. It is still too early to know what they have modified. Yet, many voices are already heard, indicating that it is more an update based on the redesign of the search results than the content itself, while others already talk about specific niches like health.

Anyway, it is something important because, in minor updates, Google does not announce anything, the changes will be noticed in the next few days, as they will expand progressively among all your servers.

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Google Algorithm Updates 2019

In the year 2019, some small modifications in the Google algorithm update that have not affected in a way mean the majority of pages, but that has had a significant impact on particular niches. To the point of sinking some websites and giving wings to others.

Although Google has not yet confirmed anything, nor possibly do, since unless their changes cause very sudden changes at a general level, they usually prefer to shut up. 

Update January 25, 2019

It seems that there were some changes in the patch called “Medic” or “Medicine,” which simply corrects some errors detected by the Google team and has affected particular niches.

It seems that it has also directly influenced the AMP pages, although it is still too early to evaluate how it has done so. However, there is no doubt that at the end of January of this year, we already have the first changes in the core of this excellent search engine. We will see how the year is over, which promises to be very, very moving.

Update March 12, 2019

We see great movements in the SERPs again due to a new and powerful update of the core of the Google search algorithm. Let’s not forget that critical changes are usually accompanied by a confirmation from Google, while less significant changes are often not mentioned.

What Blogs Or Websites Has It Affected?

Well, how do we not know what they have “touched” exactly is difficult to determine why some websites are being negatively affected while others are growing a lot in recent days. They affected all niches, regardless of their authority.

It is rumoured that pages are being rewarded that are doing their job well and that for some reason or another, they were negatively affected in previous updates. Some continue to state that they are merely giving more visibility to small pages that go unnoticed but do their job well, something that I do not share given the experiences I am living with this update on all the pages I manage.

Google insists that whoever is negatively affected after this update can no longer recover, although how we all know, if we do things right. We are accountants, sooner or later we will end up leaving the possible penalty (except the websites that pass three towns of ready).

What we are still clear about is that Google does not stop continually working to improve its search results, so it is essential to follow its recommendations and do an excellent job on our pages so that they are not negatively affected. In our opinion, the right quality information remains the AS OF OROS of any web page.

Update June 1, 2019

Google officially announces a major update in its core, that is, in the main algorithm that classifies sites for positioning. Google has called it “Basic update of June 2019,” although, as we all know, that basically has nothing.

While it is true that Google makes several updates of this type a year, also what it is every time it does is brown in the SERPS.

What web parameters does this update have in focus? Well, nobody really knows, since Google usually keeps these things very cautiously. However, it is rumoured that it is focused on the mobile usability of the websites. That is, if your website is adapted for mobile (it is responsive), you should not have problems. What loading speed do you have? And don’t look at third-party pages; take the test on  Google Page Speed.

Update August 17 And 29, 2019

During August, we had two quite essential updates that have gone unnoticed by many. But without a doubt, they will be making a big difference in the SERPS.

Google has strengthened Google EAT by causing many sites to have lost positions because they are not, according to the bot and reviews of Google people, trusted content. This mainly affects health/veterinary related content, although all niches are included.

Besides, penalties to websites that have artificial links have intensified. Something very positive to avoid competing with pages that perform bad SEO practices. Companies that have sold subdomains/folders are also being penalized (and much), to help other companies position themselves better.

Put, if you do good SEO practices on your website, you don’t have to worry. But those who are positioned through the use of bad practices. It is another story.

Update September 5, 2019

There is not much information yet about what is happening this September. Still, there was a significant change, as many pages have begun to lose/gain substantial traffic sharply.

Update September 24, 2019

Google has announced on its Twitter account the implementation of a new update for its global algorithm. And we all know that when Google announces it, it is because it will be an important update that will lead to sudden movements in the SERPS.

What does this mean? That over the next few days, great movements are approaching in the positioning of virtually all web pages. It is still too early to say what they are valuing positively and negatively in this new update called “September 2019 main update”.

Update November 8, 2019

It’s a dubbed “The Phantom Update” because no SEO tool has detected it or given any information from Google. However, many niches have experienced losses of up to 50% of their organic traffic.

It seems that it is a new update/modification of the Google code that is affecting and much too small niches, apps, and websites related mainly to technology and health.

The beneficiaries? In the beginning, it seems that the big domains (with great authority) are the best unemployed after this November update. At the moment, there is not much more data, although many, but many complaints to Google via twitter for everything that is happening.

Update December 11, 2019

Did you think the year was going to end without further changes? We also…. But no. Although it has not been an update that has generated great movements in the SERPS, the truth is that it has been noted in many niches and tools such as MozCast.

During the days 10 and 11 of November, there has been a new update, probably correcting small errors of the last big update of September. If you have noticed an increase or loss of organic traffic from those dates, now you know what it is.

Update December 17, 2019

Actually, it cannot be confirmed even if it is an update as such since we have suffered on this same date a significant error in Google Analytics that is affecting the actual measurements of the traffic of our websites.

However, many webmasters claim to have lost many positions in their ranking (SERPs), and that is the cause of their traffic loss and not an error in Analytics. So, in the beginning, and in the absence of collecting more data, everything seems to indicate that there was an essential change in December.

Google Algorithm Updates 2018

Google continually updates its algorithms, but very rarely warns us or makes a publication of it. So only in the most “notorious” cases makes a statement posthumously.

In this article, We will be putting all the great updates of the Google algorithm update in this year 2018 and the next ones, so that we are all up to date.

Update March 9, 2018

Google confirms that on March 9, 2018, it made an important update in its algorithm, which modified the search results for billions of Web pages.

Update July 1, 2018

Google implements Mobile First, and this update makes a big difference for millions of Web pages that are not prepared to be responsive. From July 2018, Google will position the Web pages based on their search results made from mobile devices.

Update August 1, 2018

Google officially confirms through a statement on Twitter that on August 1, 2018, a significant modification was made to the core structure of the algorithm.

Update August 22, 2018

It is not a significant update, but it is an optimization of the August 1 update, with quite substantial changes in SERPs. That is, modifications have been made to the code that directly influences the search results again.

Update September 29, 2018

If the river makes a noise because the water is running. There are not a few pages that since September 29 are having an impact on their organic traffic due to a new Google Algorithm correction.

Update December 1, 2018

It is not yet confirmed, but there are strong movements between November 30 and December 1, a curious way to end the year. Some indicators of Serps like Semrush or Mozcast are also verifying it.

We still do not know what is being cooked in the Google algorithm updat, if it is a great change or an update of any of its spiders (bots), but it is certain that something is happening.

Has your Page Been Affected By The Latest Updates?

If you have noticed an increase in organic traffic, congratulations, that means that your website has been positively valued after the latest changes in Google algorithm update.

If your website has lost traffic or even if you continue to lose it, bad business friend. That means that Google has classified your website negatively, making the competition position itself better than you.

It is not a penalty towards your website, but a competition prize, according to Google, to show better content to readers (higher quality content more easily and quickly).

If you have any questions or want to provide some information, you can do so through the comments.

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