Digital Transformation: What Is It?

Digital Transformation: What Is It?

How many times have you heard of digital transformation? How much do you really know about it?

Many English words are used to define innovative management processes and systems, new terms that have entered the Italian vocabulary for some time now and which often create confusion among entrepreneurs.

It is perceived, not always correctly, that behind these high-sounding terms, there is something complex and difficult to implement or, worse, that they are issues unrelated to your company.

In reality, this is not the case.

Digital Transformation literally means digital transformation and refers to all those technical, cultural, organizational, social, and managerial changes that initiate a digital conversion of operational processes and corporate strategies.

An evolutionary development – ​​technological but also of vision – which aims to increase company performance in terms of time optimization, greater management control, data monitoring, customer assistance, and increased competitiveness to allow the company to compete in new markets.

Digital transformation is synonymous with innovation and change.

Digital transformation is a process that involves multiple points of contact between potential customers and companies with which they relate.

Four focuses characterize digital transformation:

  • clouds;
  • Internet of things;
  • Blockchains;
  • Artificial intelligence.

It is important to point out that innovation concerns not only the means used but, above all, the way in which certain systems and processes manage to change a company.

In practice, these processes translate into new and smarter ways of collecting data, of managing people both inside and outside the company, thus obtaining an optimization of time and an improvement in productivity as it increases it and focuses it on the objectives that you want to reach.

Innovation is seeing change as an opportunity, not a threat.

What aspects does digital transformation involve?

Digital transformation involves the presence on social networks, how an order is taken charge of, the internal management of company personnel, and the model with which the customer experience is determined.

In the latter case, the goal of a targeted digital transformation is to create an omnichannel strategy that involves and integrates both traditional and digital communication and sales channels.

Through this approach, it will be possible to offer the final consumer a complete and personalized shopping experience.

In this way, every single company has the opportunity to improve its relationship with customers, becoming stronger and stronger because it is able to adapt its offer to the innovative digital habits of the potential consumer.

Another crucial aspect of the digital transformation scenario is data management. You have surely heard of the data-driven approach, i.e., a data-driven approach.

But what does it mean?

Big data is the huge amount of information collected daily concerning the market and our customers. These data, and above all, their correct analysis, help the company to define the best and most performing strategy based on the business objectives.

Every business decision must be guided by the data it collects with the aim of monitoring the strategies implemented to improve its production and development process.

How difficult is it for a company to transform digitally?

Digital transformation arises from awareness of the importance of innovation.

Being able to manage change actively and quickly guarantees companies a significant competitive advantage.

The difficulties related to digital transformation are also mitigated by multiple tools and facilitated measures that offer economic support and interesting opportunities. An example of this is the Innovation Consultancy Voucher, a non-repayable subsidy for small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to introduce smart intelligence technologies into their processes through the support of an expert consultant.

Think about it, get informed, and if it’s time to lay the foundations for your future, don’t put it off.

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