How To Use The Instagram Shopping Tag

How To Use The Instagram Shopping Tag

What it is, how it works and how to use the Instagram Shopping tag. Find out all the details in the article and make the shopping experience unique.

The Instagram Shopping Tag is one of the most useful innovations for those who own a business and e-commerce. Let’s find out what it is, how it works in detail, and how to use it correctly and effectively.

What is the Instagram Shopping Tag

The Instagram Shopping Tag, introduced in Italy in March 2018 after months of experimentation in the United States of America, allows business profiles on Instagram to connect the products contained within the various posts to e-commerce.

How the Instagram Shopping Tag works

Let’s now see how to activate the Instagram Shopping Tag and how to use it.

Create a business Instagram profile

As already mentioned above, in order to use the Instagram Shopping Tag, it is necessary to have a company profile on the social network. Those who have a personal profile and want to switch to a company profile can do so in a few simple steps through the Settings menu.

Connect the Instagram business profile to the business Facebook page

One of the prerequisites for using the Instagram Shopping tag, in addition to operating in a supported market, selling physical goods, and complying with Instagram’s sales regulations, is having a Facebook page to associate it with. To tag the products, in fact, all must be present in the Facebook page showcase.

It is possible to connect the company’s Instagram profile to a Facebook catalog independently, using the Catalog Manager, or with the help of a certified Facebook partner.

Sign up for the Instagram Shopping function

Once the connection between Instagram and Facebook is complete, you need to access the Instagram app to sign up for the Shopping function. Just access the profile settings, tap company, and then Shopping on Instagram, following the steps to activate the account analysis. Generally, this process takes a few days, but you can monitor the situation in the Settings section. Once approved, you will need to complete the setup in order to start tagging products.

You can highlight up to 5 products per post containing an image or video and up to 20 products in posts containing multiple images. For each story, however, only one sticker of the product can be highlighted. Instagram also offers the ability to go back and add Shopping tags to old posts on your business profile.

How to use the Instagram Shopping Tag effectively

The Statistical Data tab made available by Instagram allows you to monitor the performance of posts and stories for Shopping, thus providing valuable information on customer tastes. By constantly monitoring the situation, you can offer them more relevant products.

By analyzing the statistical data, you can also find out more information about your audience and in this way, even in the event of a company with a global audience, choose a product catalog with the language and currency most relevant to your target audience.

Currently, you can’t use the Instagram Shopping tag with paid listings – you can only highlight products by shopping in organic posts and stories.

The nature of this social network requires us to dwell, rather than on the mere commercial promotion of the product, on the story behind it, providing the user / potential customer with an immersive experience with the product as the protagonist.

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