Celebrities That Love Playing Bingo

Celebrities That Love Playing Bingo

It is most probably the last thing you would think, but bingo has its foundations all the way back in the 1500s, which makes it one of the oldest gambling games that are still played today. In fact, other than blackjack bingo pretty much is the oldest gambling game still in existence today, however it’s rarely actually thought of as this, because loads of diehard casino gamblers still refuse to acknowledge bingo as an actual gambling game – check out barbados bingo.

Regardless, there is only so much you can say to these gambling purists, and it doesn’t matter either, because we think we all know that bingo by the 21st century is most definitely a gambling game. And bingo is also one of the most well played games amongst celebrities, with there being more than a few famous bingo players from the last few decades. Keep reading for a few examples…

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The award winning Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for a whole load of different things, however we’re not sure many people would put bingo on the list! Regardless, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a self-proclaimed bingo fanatic, and she absolutely loves the game, something that probably stems from her childhood. You see, her parents had a lucky several thousand pound bingo win several decades ago, and this ended up paying for Zeta-Jones’ dance and ballet classes.

You can therefore forgive Catherine Zeta-Jones for being such a bingo lover, especially considering the game is indirectly responsible for her entire career in many ways! She still holds regular bingo evenings today – this is one bingo love affair that simply won’t stop.

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Sharon Osbourne

How do you keep calm when you are married to an eccentric rock and roll legend with a pungent for destruction like Ozzy Osbourne? Well, in Sharon Osbourne’s case she decided to take up the somewhat relaxing game of bingo. The music mogul, band manager and X-Factor judge has a lot on her plate these days, so there’s no surprise that she loves to unwind with a bit of bingo.

In fact, Sharon Osbourne loves online bingo so much she also made her own online bingo website!

Cristiano Ronaldo

A footballer of Cristiano Ronaldo’s calibre is the last thing you would expect to see in this list of famous celebrities that love playing bingo, however the Portuguese footballing powerhouse does reportedly have a major soft spot for the game.

It all stems from Cristiano Ronaldo’s first days in England as a fresh-faced teenager after signing for Manchester United. In order to help him learn English he was given a bingo DVD to watch, and it seems the athlete has never lost an interest in the fascinating game since.

Prince William

Oh yes, bingo quite literally is a game for everyone! Even the royal family! Whilst he was undergoing training at the Sandhurst Military Academy Prince William would often spend his relaxation time at a bingo hall down the road, and now he absolutely loves it.

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