6 Ways to Earn Pocket Money Online

6 Ways to Earn Pocket Money Online

Everyone knows you can make money from home. Remote work (or at least hybrid work) is no longer anything unusual or extraordinary. You can write, produce content, develop software, and do many other activities online full-time or part-time.

However, what about people already working two or three jobs or pulling insane hours on their full-time job? What about people who cannot get one more job but still want to earn some money on the side?

Imagine a scenario where you want to treat yourself to an extra game on Steam but (for whatever reason) don’t feel comfortable dipping into your regular income. Wouldn’t it be great if you found an activity that can allow you to earn some pocket money online?

As it turns out, this isn’t that big of an ask. Here are the top six ways to get a few bucks on the side doing various online activities.

1. Take surveys for money

Many people know that you can make money online by doing surveys. The thing is that they have a misconception of how much money that is.

On average, you can make anywhere from $1 per survey to $20 per survey. Now, these $20 don’t sound that bad, provided some surveys take 20 minutes to complete. Earning $20 in 20 minutes would be an incredible hourly rate, but there are a few reasons why this looks more lucrative than it really is:

  • First, it’s far more likely that the survey will pay $1 than $20.
  • Second, surveys that pay more usually take longer to complete.
  • Third, a lot of surveys pay less than $1.
  • The availability of well-paying surveys is not that great.
  • The availability of surveys, in general, is not as good.

For many surveys, you might not qualify (based on your location or demographic). Still, in some scenarios, you can sometimes bypass the location requirement with VPN for phones.

The plus side is that it doesn’t take too long. It’s something you can do on a toilet instead of reading the contents of your shampoo or scrolling down on Instagram. In other words, it’s exactly what we’ve described – a way to earn pocket money.

2. Play-to-earn games

What if we told you that you could monetize your gaming experience?

Play-to-earn (P2E) are games where you can earn rewards that you can redeem for real-world rewards. Most commonly, we’re talking about gift cards and crypto tokens, while sometimes you can even directly sell them for fiat currency.

This is so great for many different reasons. First, there are many games out there for you to choose. This means you have the privilege of browsing through the best P2E games and picking something you like. In other words, monetary gain will not be the only motivator.

In games like Axie Infinity, you can earn $10 to $50 per day. In some regions, people would consider this more than pocket change. This is one more reason why P2E games are so popular abroad.

Having access to these games is important for one additional reason. Some people feel shame for gaming so much (or at all).

In their minds, they’re wasting time when they could be doing something more productive. They base this twisted logic on the unhealthy (toxically positive) grind mindset. It completely ignores the importance of doing a hobby or the value of anything that doesn’t generate profit. Still, these games are a saving grace for people who still can’t overcome a feeling of shame. Gaming will no longer feel like a waste of time.

3. Selling stock photos

Some people make careers out of this; however, most stock photographers make $0.02 per image per month. Roughly translated, you need to have 100 images up there to make $2 and 1,000 images to make $20 per month.

Sure, this sounds like a lot of work for a small payoff, but that’s because you don’t see the bigger picture just yet. First, this is a passive income, unlike most other entries on this list. It takes action to take a photo and upload it, but once it’s up there, it’s up there.

To simplify it even further – you don’t have to upload 100 photos every month to make $2 (on average). You just need to have 100 photos in total. Even if it takes you months to get there, it’s not like you’re wasting too much time.

If you choose, you can edit these photos on your laptop for hours. The truth is that a simple smartphone filter will suffice. We’ve already talked about numbers, and it should be abundantly clear that you’re aiming for quantity.

This is so universally available because you don’t need any special equipment to get into it. You just need a keen eye and a decent smartphone camera (which you probably already have).

Remember that these platforms usually have some sort of algorithm-checking images before you upload them. Carefully check these requirements, and don’t be surprised if some of your photos get rejected, and you have no idea why.

4. Get paid to watch videos

This option is similar to getting paid to complete surveys; you can usually find this work on the same sites. The way it works is simple – you are paid to watch videos.

If you think you can just turn your phone on and walk away, this won’t always be the case. Some add an extra question or ask you to confirm to keep watching.

This can also consume more of your time than other entries on this list. Still, you’re probably already consuming so much content that it will be hard to figure out exactly how much time you’ve spent doing this.

Like with most similar gigs, you’ll collect cents and dollars at a time and only be allowed to cash out when you pass a minimum threshold. Some sites only pay you off after accumulating $10 or $20. While this may sound like a modest sum, you would be surprised how long it takes.

5. Find odd jobs on gig platforms

We know we’ve already established that we’re not talking about real side jobs or gigs. However, you can find so many odd tasks on platforms like Fiverr.

While writing a 3,000-word article would be considered a real gig, getting paid to play three games of 1v1 League of Legends vs. someone is not the same.

You can also get paid to make memes. You probably already do this in your free time (in one way or another).

Some people are so lonely that they are willing to pay someone to have a phone or video call with them. Sure, they could use a therapist, but sometimes all they need is a human face/voice on the other end of the call. We are social beings, and human contact can make a difference.

The thing about these gigs is that the market is not huge. When you encounter them, you can pocket a couple of bucks. Still, there’s not enough potential to turn this into a business plan.

Find a fun online activity that pays to earn some side money

Ultimately, there are two things to get out of the way. When making this list, we primarily focused on fun activities that can earn you some pocket money. Why? Since the pay is not life-changing, you need some extra incentive. For instance, you’re probably already playing mobile games, so why not earn a few dozen bucks?

Also, you must manage your expectations. Some people promise that you can make $300 per hour doing surveys. This might have happened to someone, but, for the most part, it won’t reflect your experience.

Having realistic expectations is the key to not getting disappointed (in life, in general). See these activities for what they are, and you can have much fun while earning some pocket money.

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