4 Apps To Help You Empower Your Phone

4 Apps To Help You Empower Your Phone

There is no need to look for some research to understand that modern people are a bit addicted to their smartphones. Most likely, you spend a lot of time scrolling the newsfeed or watching videos. There are a lot of nice applications for smartphones that are used for entertainment and intended for the mass audience. You can also benefit from useful apps like Google Maps, Kindle, Notes, etc. Beyond these leaders of the apps world, there is also a wide selection of tools that can make your operating system work better. It relates not to such apps that clear your storage and boost the device’s performance only. The software can increase your productivity as well so that you can get the most out of the smartphone.

We want to share with you the list of 4 amazing apps: Dropbox, VPN software for Android, Pomodoro, and Spotify. Each of them has different purposes, so you don’t need to choose the only one: enjoy the full circle of new opportunities!


If you’re looking for a tool that is able to sync files to and from portable devices seamlessly, Dropbox is the best choice you can make. In fact, the operating system doesn’t matter since you can install this app on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. It means you will literally never find out yourself in the situation when you need to access the file, and you don’t have this opportunity.

Dropbox is able to automatically back up your content to the cloud, keep the set of essential documents with you, and take notes on the smartphone that will sync back to the laptop.

If you’re about to try this application, you can choose the free Dropbox plan. Yes, it offers 2 GB of storage only, but it is enough to start with. And if you understand it is time to add more space, just choose the premium plan in accordance with your needs and budget.


The next application we can definitely recommend is VeePN for Android. Once you download and install it, you can quickly understand how it works because of the intuitive-friendly design. It is a necessary tool if you spend a lot of time online since it protects your connection and hides your IP from the websites you use. The same as with Dropbox, you can start with the free trial to evaluate the opportunities. However, before you install the VeePN, we want to share some ideas on why you need this kind of software at all.

VPN Android APK is a tool that creates an encrypted tunnel between your smartphone and a remote server operated by a VPN service in another country. While you spend time online, all your traffic is routed through this tunnel. It means that nobody can see your data, and your IP is reliably masked.

Such an application can be very useful when you’re trying to watch some geo-blocked content. For example, you’re traveling abroad and find out that European Netflix can’t suggest you the same selection of shows as the American one. Just switch on your VPN app, and Netflix will think you’re in the USA right now. It is also used in such countries as China, where a lot of websites and social networks are blocked. Or you can use this software when connecting to public Wi-Fi: hackers won’t get access to your device even if there are some network vulnerabilities.

In other words, this tool can ensure your security and provide you with various additional opportunities to spend time on the Internet.

VeePN for Android


Once you have understood how to set up a free VPN on Android, think about the issue that is well familiar to all people these days. When you get more and more opportunities each month, the number of hours in the day is still stable.

Therefore, you may have a lot of different apps for smartphones but not have time to use all of them as intended. When you’re working a lot, it is almost impossible to find a couple of hours to have fun with friends or gadgets. And the saddest fact is that you don’t spend this time really working: you’re procrastinating and then can’t remember what you have been doing for all these hours.

However, don’t give up. There is a solution that can help you if you understand your priorities and are ready to organize your workday. It is the Pomodoro app.

It also has a very intuitive design, and you don’t need to puzzle over the settings. Just install it and switch it on. The app will show you the time to work and time to rest. It divides the hour into several periods: 25 minutes of the work and 5 minutes of the pause. When it decides you deserve more rest, it provides you with 15 minutes for coffee or streaming with the VPN software for Android.

When you have an app that helps you to concentrate, you realize that you spend the time more efficiently. Isn’t it a thing that everyone these days dreams about?


Spotify is the smartphone’s application that makes your life a bit brighter. If you can’t imagine your day without music, you’ll definitely appreciate the opportunities it can provide you with.

Once you sign up, the app asks you to check the artists and bands you like. It is necessary to help the software understand your preferences. From this moment, you will receive recommendations in accordance with your music tastes. The more various songs you listen to, the more interesting suggestions you receive each week. Spotify also provides you with a Family Mix if you’re using the account together with your spouse or a friend.

And, of course, you can find various music and podcast content here, trying new genres and broadening your knowledge. If you use the web version along with the mobile one, you can also check what do your friends listen to and subscribe to their playlists.

If you are trying to access some geo-blocked content in Spotify, find out how to set up a free VPN on Android and reach whatever you want with fewer hurdles.

Wrapping Up

Of course, it is not so easy to choose 4 applications only when there are thousands of software tools available in Google Play and App Store. You can find an app for any sphere of your life: whether you like reading, watching Netflix movies with VPN Android APK, playing games, or working productively. The main thing that you should understand: you have a choice. Install the apps you really like, the ones that provide you with amazing opportunities. It will help you to enjoy your time online and get pleasant emotions only!

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