What Is a Career As a Mechanical Engineer Like?

What Is a Career As a Mechanical Engineer Like?

Mechanical engineering is typically considered more hands-on than other forms of engineering such as computers or software. You can find mechanical engineers employed in virtually every industry and technological domain on the planet.

But what do mechanical engineers do? And what does a mechanical engineering career look like? Read ahead to learn more about a career as a mechanical engineer and the scope of B. Tech mechanical engineering.

What Is The Typical Job Description Of a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineering is one of the most versatile work domains. A typical mechanical engineer is usually involved in solving complex structural or mechanical problems by either innovating new designs and devices or making improvements to the old structures.

Mechanical engineering also includes extensive troubleshooting of different mechanical procedures and machines to ensure their proper functionality. While some engineers work with power production structures, others can be involved with buildings, transport, or instrumentation.

Where Do Mechanical Engineers Commonly Work?

You can find mechanical engineers in practically every job sector. However, the global automotive and manufacturing industries seem to be the most popular job arenas for mechanical engineers.

A US Bureau of Labor Statistics survey reported that the requirement for qualified mechanical engineers is also rising in emerging areas such as thermo-science, fuel cell development, and architecture. We have covered few other surveys too and you have a look at those survey reports also.

Here are some other work domains that commonly hire mechanical engineers.

• Energy production and management
• Railway engineering
• Mass production and manufacturing
• Construction and real-estate
• Aerospace engineering
• Automotive design and production
• Robotics and AI

What Sort Of Skills Do You Require To Be a Mechanical Engineer?

Apart from technical and engineering expertise, mechanical engineers need many other skills to be good at their jobs. For example, high-stake mechanical engineering jobs require you to be good at operation monitoring and quality control.

You can also require soft skills like critical thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and quantitative reasoning skills. You can also need strong organizational skills, leadership, the ability to keep upskilling yourself, and time-management skills.

Pursuing an undergraduate program like a B. Tech in mechanical engineering can help you acquire these skills.

What kind Of Career Prospects Can You Find With a Degree In Mechanical Engineering?

You can be assured about your career prospects as a mechanical engineering graduate. A US Bureau of Labor Statistics projection reveals a 4% job growth rate for mechanical engineers across the world.

Here are some fascinating career options that you can explore with a mechanical engineering degree.

1. Land-based engineers
2. Mining engineers
3. Patent attorneys in the engineering domain
4. Maintenance engineers
5. Control and instrumentation engineers
6. Nuclear facility engineers
7. CAD technicians
8. Contract construction engineers
9. Production managers
10. Technical sales engineers
11. Control and instrumentation engineers
12. Clinical technologists

Becoming a mechanical engineer allows you to put your technical expertise to a good purpose and contribute to the development of society and the nation. You can also look forward to exciting roles and decent remuneration.

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