The Best Air Conditioners Of 2023

The Best Air Conditioners Of 2023

An air conditioner is a very important object to air-conditioning your home and to be able to cope with the heat in the best way. But, without a doubt, choosing these devices is an arduous task since the specification sheets are full of technicalities. Therefore, in this article, we will show you the best air conditioners currently on the market.

Mitsubishi MSZ-LN35VG

This model belongs to the high range of Mitsubishi, and it is that the features they have are the best:

  • A+++ energy classification means that you can enjoy maximum efficiency and the lowest consumption.
  • Quad Plus Plasma Filter. This is one of the best purifying filters out there today, as it has the ability to retain tiny particles. In addition, this filter eliminates all bacteria and viruses that exist in the air in your home.
  • Ultra quiet. This model has a super silent mode, so you can watch a movie quietly without listening to the typical annoying sound of the air conditioning.
  • Smart technology. This innovation was one of the most popular in the media since this model has a sensor that is capable of identifying the sources of temperature in the different areas and, depending on the temperature it detects, directs the air in the corresponding direction. 

Daikin TXA35AW

The Daikin TXA35AW is one of the best value-for-money air conditioners. We can highlight the following characteristics:

  • Energy class A+++, like the previously mentioned model.
  • Coanda effect. This is a characteristic of Daikin, and what this effect does is distribute the air evenly throughout the house, so there will be the same temperature in the house’s different rooms.
  • Too quiet. This model has a very low sound level, reaching 19 dBA.
  • Mobile app. The Daikin TXA35AW has an application from which you can program the entire ventilation system.

Hisense TE35YD01 R-32

This air conditioner is the cheapest of those above, but despite this, it has some invisible characteristics for pockets with a lower budget.

  • Energy class A++. The previous ones indeed have a higher classification, but the difference in efficiency is minimal.
  • I-FEEL function. Thanks to this function, you can keep your house at the same temperature intervals, allowing you to save energy.
  • Super quiet mode. The Hisense TE35YD01 R-32 has a mode that does not exceed 16.5 dBA of noise.

In addition, it has good SEER and SCOP intervals, making it one of the best air conditioners you can find on the market since it has excellent value for money.

How to choose the best air conditioning for my house?

If none of these air conditioners has convinced you, then we will show you a series of guidelines so that you can find the best air conditioners that will suit your budget and home.

  • Energy class. This is a factor to take into account when buying air conditioners since the better classification it has, the more efficient it will be.
  • Noise. Normally, when we are at home, we look for moments of peace and tranquillity, so it is important to find an air conditioner that is silent. It is recommended that they produce less than 45 dBA of noise.
  • SEER and SCOP. One of the key points when purchasing an air conditioner is to check its seasonal performance. Buying those with the highest SEER is advisable since they will be more efficient and save us money.

These are the most important characteristics you must consider if you want to find an air conditioner that suits your home and your budget.

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