Teen Patti Card Ranking | Highest Sequence In 3 Patti

Teen Patti Card Ranking | Highest Sequence In 3 Patti

Teen Patti Highest Card

Teen Patti is the most popular card game in Asia and specifically in India. People in India celebrate Teen Patti on their different traditional occasions.

And the rule to win at Teen Patti is to know its highest 3 cards sequence. If you’re new to it, let’s find out which is the highest sequence in 3 Patti.

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So, let’s plunge in and see, how to get good cards at 3 Patti?

3 Patti common Rules

The basic rule of Teen Patti is to have a hand in the highest sequence in 3 patti and win all the money. For this, cards are given different ranks, as Ace is the highest-ranking card and 2 is the lowest. You need to get a combination of the 3 best cards.

The game basically starts with 3-6 players placing a fixed stake amount. After that, the dealer deals 3 cards to each player and a player is supposed to either make a call, raise or fold. If he folds, his stake amount will be divided among the rest of the players in the game. Then, the winner will be decided based on who has the highest 3 Patti card sequence.

3 Patti Cards

The 3 Patti card order is similar to poker. However, the only difference is that here you base your hand on 3 cards. While in poker, it is 5. So, let’s see what Teen Patti sequences are available and what is the biggest sequence in 3 Patti.


Trio or Set is the highest sequence of Teen Patti. It is when a player gets three of a kind, which means getting all 3 cards of the same rank or number.

In Trio, the highest 3 card sequence is a set of 3 Aces and the lowest is three cards of “two.”

Pure Sequence

According to the Teen Patti card rules, a pure sequence is when a player gets 3 consecutive cards in the same suit. The suit has no value, so it doesn’t matter until it is the same for all three cards.

The highest 3-card pure sequence is A-K-Q and the lowest is 4-3-2.


This 3 cards ranking is similar to the pure sequence. It’s a straight hand. However, the difference lies in the suit, which can be different in the case of sequence. And as compared to the pure sequence, sequence cards are not the highest-ranking ones.


A color sequence is when a player has 3 cards in a single suit. Two players can have a similar flush. However, the winner will be decided based on the ranking of the suit. For instance, spades come over clubs.


A pair sequence is when a player has 2 out of 3 cards similar in color and value. The highest pair sequence is A-A-K. While the lowest sequence here is 2-2-3. If two players have similar pair cards, their consecutive 3rd cards will decide the winner.

High Card or No Pair

This is the lowest sequence in 3 Patti and it usually comes into practice when you get no sequence. Here you will need to have the highest card, the second-highest and then, the lowest.
Your highest sequence in No Pair is A-K-J. While the worst sequence here is 5-3-2.

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