5 Ways Sleep Affects Your Work And Boost Your Productivity

5 Ways Sleep Affects Your Work And Boost Your Productivity

Sleep Affects: We all want to be the best in what we do. That’s why most of us invest our time and effort in developing our skills and getting the right training. But are you taking the time to get the right amount of sleep?

Did you know that the average US worker is losing 11.3 days (equivalent to $2280) worth of productivity in a year because of insomnia? We’re aware that sleep can affect our productivity, but these figures give us a clearer view of the growing sleep problem that we have and how much it negatively affects us.

If you think that getting the right mattress and beddings or investing in a well-designed bedroom is just a waste of money, think again. These may just be your keys to unlocking a better, more productive, and motivated version of yourself.

If you want to know how your work and productivity are affected by your sleep quality, keep on reading!

How Quality Sleep Can Boost Your Productivity

If you believe that hustlers don’t sleep, it’s about time that you change your belief. If you genuinely want to be productive, you need to find time for sleep. Here are the reasons why:

1. Sleep Helps You To Recover From Distractions Faster.

When you don’t have enough sleep, you get tired quickly. Studies show that people who lack sleep get tired faster by 11% compared to people who slept well.

When you’re tired, your mind will also have less energy to focus and concentrate on the task. As a result, you can easily be swayed by distractions. It will be more difficult for you to resist distractions, and once you get distracted, it will be hard for you to go back to what you’re doing.

If you have a chatty officemate or noisy kids at home, you need to get enough sleep, so you’ll have the energy to avoid being distracted.

2. Inadequate Sleep Puts You At Risk Of Indecision Or Making Bad Decisions.

At work, we need to make decisions regularly. Sound decision making involves weighing the risk and rewards. However, lack of sleep may impair our ability to choose the option with managed risk.

Did you know that the effects of lack of sleep on the body are similar to the effects of alcohol? Both of these lowers our alertness, which may cause indecision.

There’s a worse effect than indecision. When we’re drunk, we’re prone to calling our exes, right? Would you think that it’s a wise thing to do if you’re sober? Perhaps not.

When you’re sober and have enough sleep, your brain can properly and accurately weigh the risk of your actions. On the other hand, alcohol and inadequate sleep lower your inhibition, which causes you to act on impulse and make bad decisions. Unfortunately, making bad decisions at work has more serious implications than just simply dialing your ex.

Would you go to work drunk? You won’t, for sure. If that’s the case, then would you go to work with not enough sleep?

3. Lack Of Sleep Leads To Burnouts.

According to a Harvard study, insufficient sleep is one of the most significant predictors of work burnout.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you have a higher risk of getting burnt out at work. The feeling of burn out can lower your productivity.

4. Burnouts May Cause Instability.

In addition to lowering your productivity, burnout also leaves you feeling frustrated, hopeless, resentful, and even cynical. It will also cause you to become irritable, which may affect your work performance and your office relationships.

5. Sleep Helps You To Stay Physically Healthy.

In 2018, around 4.2 million workers incurred illness-related absences.

The good news is quality sleep affects not just your mental health but your physical health as well. A great health benefit of sleep is it can boost your immune system, which will make you more resistant to illnesses and infections.

The Bottom Line

With our hectic and stressful schedules, getting the sleep we need is challenging, but establishing and sticking to it is truly rewarding. Better work performance, more productive days, and a more focused you– all these are just a good night’s sleep away. Work on your sleep and see the benefits of sleep work for you!

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