New Marketing Trends And Marketing Strategies

New Marketing Trends And Marketing Strategies

Marketing Trends: As people change, so does everything around us. Of course, this also applies to marketing. Whereas in the past people mostly shopped in markets or in brick-and-mortar stores, modern technologies, applications and tools are now at the forefront. But what is valid today may not be tomorrow, because marketing is constantly evolving. Want to know the latest marketing trends? Read on.

Artificial intelligence = gro optimization

The abbreviation AI from English Artificial Intelligence means – artificial intelligence “. It is a simulation of the process of the human mind created by computers. It makes life easier for people and saves time. A good example is Apple’s Siri. You can often feel like you’re talking to a person when you’re giving Siri a task. It will search for the necessary information, tell a joke or play music. Large companies invest a lot of money in this technology in order to gain an advantage over the competition.

Artificial intelligence has gradually spread to several industries , such as retail, shopping, fashion, security and surveillance. You can also meet it in sports analysis, processing and production. You encounter this technology the most in the Google browser, which shows you the results in less than a second according to the search term.

Support 24/7

You’ve probably heard about what it’s like to have a business make money overnight. You don’t even have to move your finger and everything is solved by itself. Chatbots work on a similar principle. This is support for your e-shop, which mimics a real conversation. The customer can choose what he wants to help with and chatbot will advise him. You do not need to employ any support. Artificial intelligence solves everything for you .

It is very likely that the popularity of chatbots will continue to grow this year. People love them because of their quick answers. They don’t need to communicate with people unnecessarily and they will never stab you . What would you prefer? To a real person, to whose answer you will wait for hours, or use a chatbot with whom you have a problem solved in a few minutes?

Chatbots who sell

Chatbots work in the same way as support. Write them what you would like to experience, such as a holiday trip. Chatbot will ask you in the form of messages, how many people you will go with, date and so on. He will choose your accommodation on the desired day. You don’t have to answer questions for the customer, because chatbot will handle everything for you. Conversational marketing is therefore an effective way to find out more about your customer.

You collect data, analyze it and adapt to the customer. When is the best time to add a photo to Instagram to reach big numbers? Various automated tools can help you with this. Use them to increase interaction with your photos and their performance. People need instant answers and want to have everything equipped quickly and from the comfort of home. The solution is just chatbots.


Being different in marketing trends means not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. This means you need to put personalization into your marketing. More precisely to their products, services, posts and the like.

63% of consumers are very annoyed by generic advertising
80% say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience
90% say they like the adjustment

With this marketing trends or  marketing strategy, companies use data analysis and digital technologies. They use it mainly to provide individualized messages and product offerings to current or potential customers. It has been proven that using personalized marketing will boost your sales and conversion by up to 75%.

As Starbucks did

A good example is Starbucks, which collects data about each user through its applications. Data such as location and history are important to them. With this, the application can evaluate and accurately offer the offer to the customer, for example, choose and recommend the right drink. Together with their remuneration system, their earnings rose to $ 2.56 billion.

Video marketing

How long have videos been with us on the Internet? Perhaps since the beginning of the modern age of the Internet. Various tutorials, ads, recipes and much more. The power of video marketing is also evidenced by the fact that social networks are evolving. Instagram plans to promote users’ videos even more. They own IGTV, as well as stories. The social network TikTok is known for its millions of videos, YouTube for its “shorts”. So does Facebook with its stories. Videos come to the fore.

It will definitely not change in the coming years. You should therefore consider making videos on social networks. You will definitely get your brand into the world more. Why is Apple announcing new products in videos, not images? Pictures don’t sell as much as a video in which you can present much more. Give the customer what he needs to become a customer. Emotions, story, attraction and the like.

A little statistic

70% of consumers say they shared a video about the brand
72% of companies say that video has improved their conversion rate
52% of consumers say that watching video reviews makes them more confident when deciding to buy online

After watching the video, 65% of executives visit the merchant’s website and 39% call the merchant


Will the direction of your activity on the Internet change after this article? If you take something and something from this article and use it in practice, it will be reflected in your profit. We don’t live in the age of robots yet, but algorithms are slowly coming to the fore. Join this wave with them and move forward in your business.

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