How To Increase Likes, Fans, And Interactions On a Facebook Page

How To Increase Likes, Fans, And Interactions On a Facebook Page

Do you have a company Facebook page and would like to make it grow more and more? Find out how to increase likes, the number of fans, and their interactions.

Having a business Facebook page is of paramount importance nowadays, but results can be slow if you don’t devote attention and care to it. Here are some useful tips to increase the likes and interactions of a Facebook page and, more generally, to promote your social showcase effectively.

How to increase fans on a Facebook page?

To be able to have more fans on Facebook, targeted, conscious and continuous work is required, which has as its ultimate goal of transforming the people attracted to the page into customers.

The general advice on how to grow a Facebook page, first of all, tends to advise against certain actions generally implemented by those who are not familiar with the social network and, at the same time, try (in vain) to get “everything immediately.”

For example, remember that:

  • Inviting friends to Like your company’s Facebook page can be useless or, worse, harmful if those friends have no interest in your product.
  • The practice of the Like exchange (I like your page, and you put it on mine) is useless or, worse, harmful because, in all likelihood, it will make people outside the target land on the page.
  • Buying “fan packs” is harmful because the new fans on the Facebook page will only number, not bringing any concrete benefit to your business and jeopardizing your social content’s reach in the long run.

Now that we have made it clear what are the solutions to avoid or, at least, to be adopted with extreme caution, we can start analyzing some useful tricks to increase fans on a Facebook page. Here are the recommended actions:

  • Add a widget or pop-up on the website to entice users to like the Facebook page.
  • Advertise the Facebook page also on offline channels, especially during the exercise of one’s business. A sticker on the window, an icon on catalogs and brochures, or even simply reminding customers to be present on social networks is a good way to easily attract new fans who moreover already interested in the products you offer.
  • Use Facebook Ads, i.e., the native platform that allows you to create (for a fee) targeted advertisements based on your objectives.

Facebook Ads is one of the most effective tools for promoting your business on the social network, as it offers the possibility of building a large and homogeneous base of fans who are also potential customers, that is, capable of generating sales.

However, knowing how to manage this platform effectively is not easy for those unfamiliar with the medium or knowledge of digital marketing. For this reason, it is always better to rely on professionals in case of doubts.

How to increase likes and interactions on Facebook

We have already had the opportunity to see what are the main measures to increase the Likes of a Facebook page in the strict sense, that is, to grow the number of fans. Once you have achieved this first intent, however, it is equally important to keep the page attractive.

Understanding how to increase interactions on your Facebook page also means understanding how to make it interesting so that users interact with the posts and, consequently, become aware and aware of what the company is able to offer.

The mantra is always the same: ” Content is king, “that is, “Content is sovereign.” The constantly evolving Facebook algorithm, however, does not make it easy for content creators who have the task of producing content that stimulates interaction and involvement of users, leading them to leave a Like or a reaction or publish. A comment or to share posts on the page.

In any case, a useful tip is to draw up an editorial plan that organizes the publication of commercial content, surveys, photos, and, above all, videos (even live). Regardless of the type of content, for which each Brand will have to make specific choices based on the formats that work best for its users, the golden rule for a balanced editorial plan is the following:

  • 70% of content that adds value to the Brand and defines its identity without being too promotional (e.g., sharing of articles written for the company blog, news related to your sector, etc.)
  • 20% of the content is published by others and shared by the Brand because it is related to the brand values.
  • 10% promotional content, which introduces users to your products and services.

To do this, however, it is important to remember that any attempt to grow your Facebook page inevitably involves the development of a real marketing strategy. The editorial plan, in fact, must be based on the analysis of the habits of your target audience.

  • Why are you on Facebook?
  • Who are you addressing?
  • Do you know the interests of your audience?

These are just three of the fundamental questions that should be asked before publishing content on a social page.

If exploited to the fullest, social media can be a strategic showcase for promoting your brand, where it is possible to create effective campaigns without the need to invest in excessively high budgets. However, this can only be done by those who know the tools made available by Facebook well and know how to make the most of them.

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