How To Add a Page To Google In 2022? Indexing The New URL. Sitemap

How To Add a Page To Google In 2022? Indexing The New URL. Sitemap

Sitemap : Google is today the most popular search engine – it is chosen by 93% of internet users. Therefore, it is understandable that the newly created or modified website is indexed as soon as possible. Of course, you can simply launch your site and wait for the crawler bots to find it themselves. Such actions – or the lack of them – are ineffective. It means many weeks or even months of downtime in the traffic of internet users on the site. What actions to take to accelerate the entire process?

Adding the page to Google Search Console

This is a free Google service that checks and monitors your website’s indexing parameters in real-time. It allows you to see the page as indexing bots read it and to catch errors. GSC performs website owner verification. This can be done using the recommended method, i.e., by placing the verification file in the website’s main directory or using one of several alternative methods (meta tag, indicating the domain provider, via Google Analytics, or using the tag manager).

Google Search Console also allows you to generate a specific report in which we can see the keywords from which users came to our website from organic results.

Submitting the sitemap to Google

The sitemap determines the structure of your website. It is a specific list of subpages and links that show the website users the “way” to the information they are looking for, and for Google indexing bots, it is information about the structure, content hierarchy, and indexing priorities.

In order to prepare a sitemap, it is necessary to indicate the canonical (original) versions of the pages whose indexing is desired. The map can be created manually or using dedicated automation tools.

The map in the selected format should be reported to the GSC or added to the robots.txt file. Google supports sitemaps in HTML, XML, RSS, mRSS, Atom, text, or already indexed website format.

Download as Google and “URL Checker”

The “Download as Google” tool, which allows you to verify how crawler bots interpret a given page and its availability, is a kind of pickup simulation. To start the download, enter the address of the website’s root directory in the text field. It is possible to select a robot that will carry out the entire operation.

This tool gives you two options: download and download and render. The first option displays the HTTP response without running items such as scripts or images. The second allows you to define the platform (computer or mobile device) and also activate additional resources.

After a pecking order, it goes to the picking history with the status “pending,” and after the order is completed, a basic report on the success or failure of the operation is generated.

This tool was replaced with the “URL Check Tool” at the end of March 2022. To add a page through it, select the “request indexing” option in the report – the content will be briefly tested and, if no errors are found, it will be entered in the queue for indexing.

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