Face Biometrics: Safe, Fast, Covid-Free

Face Biometrics: Safe, Fast, Covid-Free

Face Biometrics, The reliability of biometric technologies is now well established, and their use is spreading in all fields, from the consumer (which latest generation smartphone doesn’t have it?), To civil, industrial, and medical. Biometric science sets itself the task of recognizing people and not the objects associated with them (such as common badges, tags, or passwords), raising the security to the degree of certainty.

The pandemic then relaunched biometric identification by declining it to contactless recognition, that is, preferring to identify the person already from a distance and without exposing them to surfaces that should be constantly sterilized. The recognition distance is 50cm ~ 130cm, which makes access practical and, above all, quick.

The most recent face readers used in access control, therefore, aim to respond to requests (from the most common to the most professional) of all the areas in which they can be installed, even those of early identification, such as outdoor installations.

The most advanced terminals offer extraordinary Fusion Matching performance, i.e., they combine the visual recognition of the front camera with an infrared image in order to obtain the maximum identification accuracy and the best anti-spoofing performance (attempt to deceive the reading, for example, exhibiting a mask or photograph of another subject).

Identification and profiling

The contactless functions are not limited to the recognition only but also to the profiling of the admitted users: the registration can, in fact, take place remotely by inserting the photograph of the interested party in the management software, therefore without necessarily having him present. Hence the subsequent possibility of limiting access even in the absence of a mask or with a partially covered face. 

Large inflows

Important memory capacities also facilitate the use of similar terminals even in situations with numerous users for use in the corporate environment: they can manage up to 100,000 users and 50,000 faces and store up to 5,000,000 events. In such contexts, other identification technologies are often required, alternatives or to be added to face verification to raise security to the highest levels. The terminals can implement fingerprint readers, multiple frequency badges, mobile access cards based on NFC and BLE, and Template on Card, the latter option allowing authentication via biometric data stored in the cards and encrypted in accordance with the specifications provided by the GDPR, in full compliance with the most recent privacy regulations.

Anti-contagion functions

Still remaining in the pandemic environment, thermal imaging cameras can also be integrated to identify people with high temperatures and inhibit access. The terminals can also be used for multiple identifications of the subject and his Green Pass, a requirement that is now indispensable in many situations. Finally, by combining these terminals with appropriate attendance control software, personnel management is also possible in compliance with current regulations, guaranteeing integration with third-party payrol.

For everyone?

The areas of use of the aimed management terminals, as mentioned, range from the civil sector to the industrial one, passing through applications also in the medical field such as access management in operating theaters, where the sterile environment must always be preserved, and the Entry of doctors can occur without touching handles with gloves or other parts of the body. This technology is practical, efficient, fast, safe, and hygienic, and soon these characteristics will make it indispensable in many areas where it is still interpreted as futuristic or superfluous.

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