Rust, The Most Popular Language For Developers

Rust, The Most Popular Language For Developers

The Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey of programmers reveals that JavaScript and Python are the most used and requested languages, but they are not nearly as attractive as Rust. The study looks for the first time at the uses of AI.

Of the multitude of languages, Rust is the one most valued by developers. (Photo credit: Pexels/Pixabay)

For the 11th consecutive year, JavaScript, the essential language of web development, is the one most used by developers who responded to the annual Stack Overflow survey. It is also the one that the majority of respondents want or want to use, followed closely by Python. Yet it is Rust that respondents admire the most. Indeed, nearly 85% of developers who have used it said they want to continue using it, compared to 58% for JavaScript and 66% for Python. Among the most popular languages ​​are TypeScript and Zig, an alternative to C.

In terms of use, HTML/CSS ranks second after JavaScript, and Python in third position, dethroning SQL (4th). TypeScript takes fifth place in the Stack Overflow 2023 survey conducted among 90,000 software developers worldwide. The survey, carried out at the beginning of May, also looked at developers’ work, salaries and tools. In the results, PostgreSQL overtook MySQL as a database. Finally, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the most used cloud platform, far ahead of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, which occupy second and third place, respectively.

Two questions about AI

Among the other results of the survey, we observe that Node.js and React are the two most used web technologies. Based on the number of developers who would like to work with this or that technology again, Phoenix emerges as the most admired web framework and technology. Regarding salaries, Zig is the highest earner, with an average annual salary of $103,611.

The survey incorporates two additional sections around AI. AI-based development solutions top GitHub’s Copilot, far ahead of Tabnine. Out of AI-powered search tools, ChatGPT comes out on top, followed by Bing AI. Nearly 70% of respondents already use or plan to use AI tools in their development processes this year. On the IDE side, Visual Studio Code is still popular with programmers (74%), followed by Visual Studio and IntelliJ by JetBrains. Windows remains the OS of choice, both personally and professionally. MacOS and Ubuntu Linux follow behind. Finally, Jira and Atlassian’s Confluence are the two main asynchronous tools developers use.

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