Putlockers [Updated 2022] – Watch & Download Free Movies| 15 Best Alternatives For Putlockers

Putlockers [Updated 2022] – Watch & Download Free Movies| 15 Best Alternatives For Putlockers

Putlockers is heaven for a movie or video streamers. We are having a lot of fun right now and spending high-quality time with family members. Streaming online could be very useful and practical since no one has to check out a selected time to watch leisure content. 

Putlockers is one of the best movie streaming websites available in the market. putlocker9, putlocker today, putlocker123, putlocker io, putlocker to, putlockers ac are some names that users search to find this outstanding website to watch free online movies and web series.

Putlocker was a torrent platform that allowed users to watch and download web series, software, TV episodes, and movies online. Authorities have taken down the original website due to the torrent platform. However, copies and mirrors are still available whether the site’s original creators are involved with the mirrored versions. 

Even now, users flock to several mirror sites that provide access to Putlocker. Law enforcement’s recent crackdown on file-sharing platforms has prompted users to seek viable alternatives. Is it legal for you to watch movies on Putlocker? What other options do we have? In the following, you will find out this information and more.

What Actually Is A Putlockers Website?

Putlockers is an elegant website that is widely used to broadcast movies, TV serials, web series, etc. for free of charge. Putlockers website was launched in January 2012, and the website has its own fan base. Recognition of the website means that several ISPs have blocked Putlocker’s official website from accessing it. 

Since 2012, the website has provided high-quality online streaming material to its viewers. Nevertheless, it was quickly reported as a risk of hacking by Movement Image Affiliation of America (MPAA)

Putlockers is an elegant website that is widely used to broadcast movies, TV serials, web series, etc. for free of charge. Putlockers website was launched in January 2012, and the website has its own fan base. Recognition of the website means that several ISPs have blocked Putlocker’s official website from accessing it. 

Since 2012, the website has provided high-quality online streaming material to its viewers. Nevertheless, it was quickly reported as a risk of hacking by Movement Image Affiliation of America (MPAA).

Video Content Streaming & Downloading Platform Beyond Putlocker

Netflix is not the only option for watching and downloading movies and TV shows online, and illegal sites like Putlocker are unnecessary. Now that people can stream movies, web series, and TV programs online, every business wants a part of the excitement. Be sure to read further to know about the aspects of this torrent platform and if you are interested in understanding more.

Is Putlockers An Authorized Website Or It Is Illegal To Use?

There is no specific answer to this question. It really depends on where you are trying to get into Putlocker. Putlocker.com was blocked by web service providers in the UK, adopted by court order. Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material is an offence, but access to the website is certainly not.

Is Putlockers A Secure Website?

No, always use a VPN while accessing the website. Putlocker is so fashionable in the world that it has various mirror websites operated by completely different individuals. The factor will increase doubts, and there will be a high probability that these mirror sites host some type of malware.

Is It Safe To Stream Putlockers?

PutLocker does not sell any files or multimedia content on its website and simply reveals what is on various third-party websites on the web. These third-party sites can affect your machine where you can access the PutLockers website.

Can We Use Putlockers?

It’s just as much as you. Whether it is allowed in your country and your ISP has not blocked the website, there should be no difficulty in using PutLocker as long as you can follow the correct precautions. But when the ISP has blocked your entry for PutLockers, it means that it is illegal to use Putlockers in your area and can bypass this website.

What Precautions To Be Taken When Using Putlockers?

The VPN appliance on your connection must be sufficient to respect as a precaution. Using a VPN will cover your IP contract and encrypt the information sent and received between your machine and the website. If you can, using a software antivirus would even be useful to avoid malicious or suspicious exercise.

Proxy / Mirror Sites of Putlockers [2022]

The Putlockers has recognition beyond your creativity, but it is the very first unique website that has been banned by various nations due to Put Locker’s declaration as a risk of hacking. However, PutLockers remains energetic and will be accessible through several proxies and mirror sites. Most proxies and mirror sites do not work, but here we currently have a 25 Putlockers Proxy, and Mirror Website hyperlinks list.

  • Putlockers.web
  • Putlockerr.is
  • Putlockers.fm
  • Putlockerz.io
  • 123putlocker.com
  • Putlockerhd.is
  • Putlocker.io
  • Putlockers.sc
  • Putlockerfree.web
  • Putlockers.am
  • Putlockers.tf
  • Putlocker9.as
  • Theputlocker9.com
  • British proxy
  • Putlocker.fyi
  • Putlocker.fyi
  • American proxy
  • Putlockertv.to
  • Putlocker-m.web
  • Unblockall.org
  • Putlockertv.to
  • Putlockers.mn
  • Putlockerhd.is
  • Putlockersfm.com
  • Putlockersonline.co

15 Best Alternatives For Putlockers 



Afdah’s official website says: “Afdah is a coded Internet scraper to crawl and index online movie websites. The website is simple and clear to try without fanciful or complicated alterations. The website could be very simple in the direction of content offering and does not hinder the person from going here and there to succeed in the precise streaming web page.

It has clearly classified sections for different types of movies, from Motion, Journey, and Animation to Thriller, Conflict, and Sci-Fi. The customer can discover a particular film by the main letter of its title, whether or not it starts with A or Z. Afdah provides a set of four servers for the distribution of each film so that the customer is not disturbed. It is the number one alternative for Putlockers.com.

Yes Movies


YesMovies is another best place to get hobby stuff for online streaming. It has a contemporary but minimalist look, and you won’t discover the trouble of trying to find your favourite content. 

The website largely provides the most recent movies and television revelations to broadcast online. It has a dedicated search bar to locate any film with a digital and alphabetical search function. You can optionally access the streaming web page in one tap on the movie title. 

However, to broadcast the film, you will have to undergo 5 to 10 contextual advertisements, which is an embarrassing factor from the person’s point of view. However, the high quality of the content remains to be wonderful, and you will try YesMovies to replace Putlockers.



People who have been in the sport of movie streaming for a very long time may already be aware of GoMovies. The GoMovies title itself is a good one in this discipline, and this website has a wonderful document offering beautiful, high-quality streaming content for free while keeping safety and comfort in mind.

It is following 123Films that GoMovies is told and uses all of GoMovies’ content streaming services. Each GoMovies and 123Films have exactly the same user interface and the same streaming methods.



In case you are more like TV Reveals than movies and use Putlockers to get the latest TV Reveals and Internet Sequence, then WatchTVSeries could be one of the best different Putlockers for you. Its sections Mini-sequence TV, New TV Reveals, New Episodes, Upcoming Episodes are very practical on the subject of finding an episode.



One particular factor about Soap2Day is that it has one of the best and deepest assortments of daily soaps, as the title suggests. However, it also contains the right amount of high-quality material. Which means it has good content, lovers of fashionable sports activities as effectively.

The website is spotlessly clean, and I loved it. There is a search bar dedicated to the search functions, identical to the different websites. However, the website does not have the capacity for the styling part. Soap2Day’s movie navigation interface is smooth with minimal ads, allowing the person to have fun without worry. It is a good alternative for putlockers website.



With its title, you can guess that this website is dedicated to offering all the films. It has a fairly large amount of cinematographic content from the 12 months from 1948 until 2020. You, too, can surf AZMovies for the quest of the film through the large selection of genres on offer.

The AZMovies interface won’t really give you a top-quality feel, but it’s catchy and clear enough not to confuse the person while browsing. The streaming service furthermore is something that one cannot complain about. The streaming pages are clear and simple to use for each movie, but we missed the provision of multiple streaming servers per movie. 



If you’ve missed the television revelations and the internet footage on the AZMovies website so much, you should take a look at Noxx. This is another AZMovies online streaming platform dedicated to providing high-quality TV and Internet footage to customers. 

However, Noxx is missing on the subject of categorizing the content that can be obtained. The streaming service is a bit like AZMovies, and the AZMovies streaming service is excellent. You may well agree with this particular episode.



123Movies itself is very fashionable, and chances are you’ve heard of this website before. This website has the capabilities to satisfy your Putlockers needs, essentially the most. 

The website has an inexperienced, white theme that seems to be pleasing to the eye. The website has an excellent document specializing in providing recreational content as well as in maintaining personal safety and comfort.

It contains a list of all important genres, mainly according to which you will filter the search for films according to your needs. The IMDb Prime part can be included so that the person can have films mainly based on IMDb’s trusted film ratings. 



It makes it free for its customers. It’s a 100% free website for watching top quality movies and TV shows online.

The website is a very clear test site; each content is well organized. There is also a separate part of the TV sequence. Its Years section has films from the 12 months 2000 to 2020.



Popcornflix proudly provides its customers with the ability to deliver high quality, worthless content. For a whole new person looking for a great movie, their curiosity will discover that it is inconvenient on Popcornflix to get a great movie that invites courses themselves because the courses themselves are much less on the website. 

The website has a menu that includes only 5 sections, in particular 2020 Films, 2019 Films, 2018 Films, Motion Films, and Horror Films. There is a strict need to include additional lessons.



Its film style and TV-style part will help you easily succeed in your present film or television.

Its nation part can be something that makes it particularly special. What this feature does is that it filters the film primarily based on the nation in which they are made. 

The streaming service can be on top of things, and there will be no downside to steaming your favourite content. 



The amount of content and options available on the website fully justify why mega was added in its title. The website has a lot of content, from movies to television revelations, internet footage, cartoons, etc. 

It contains virtually all of the movies that look for the options offered in the Putlocker options mentioned above. All essential film and television styles, the choice of the film by the title of the nation, 12 months of launch, and the alphabet, IMDb films, etc. are some of the great options. 

Like all opposing websites, MegaShare can be user friendly, and there would be no harm in finding its content. 



Not heard about FMovies? If not, then you are certainly new to the world of movie streaming. Not a solution. We will let you know about FMovies. Similar to Putlocker, FMovies also has an extensive historical past that has proven a ton of online streaming content. He arrived here below the public discovery in 2016.

There are so many kinds of movies for the varied tastes of various customers, as well as movies from all kinds of nations. FMovies has the most important list of movie choices by country. 



It has a main categorization of films among Genres, Nation, Prime IMDb, and TV Sequence. The appearance of the website is neither spectacular nor uninteresting. It is halfway on the subject of people’s expertise because it has some scope for improvement. As far as content delivery is concerned, this is a good website, and customers will not endure reaching the website delivery web page by previewing the content in the type of photos that the website can appreciate.

5 Legal Alternatives For Putlockers

Let’s try the total list of streaming providers who can compete Putlockers:



It is the best online streaming service with hundreds of thousands of its premium subscribers worldwide. It is a separate leisure centre for all leisure enthusiasts. After that, there are a number of plans, which cost accordingly.

Amazon Prime Video

AmazonPrime Video

It is gaining more and more recognition day by day as the company begins to provide unique content to its subscribers. For the test function, the application allows you to explore its library of content materials for 30 days free of charge. 

In case you want to buy online, you should buy the Amazon Prime service to take advantage of a faster offer on Amazon in addition to the different main suppliers by simply paying a single cost.



It is a central hub for hobby enthusiasts who can discover the unique Hulu content that is fully there for Hulu subscribers. In addition to this, it is also possible to discover totally different classes that integrate your favourite shows, reside on television with more than 60 television channels, and reside on sports activities and information.

The application offers a selected class of information, the place where you will discover the latest leisure updates. For beginners, there is a free trial plan for you after that, and you need to opt for the premium subscription plan. The lowest value starts around $ 5.99 from month to month.

IMDb Movies And TV

IMDb Movies And TV

The app is a hub for moviegoers who can learn about viewer ratings, ratings, film screenplay, characters, and more. It is advisable to enter the title of the film or a television present or a television sequence, and you will receive all the important details concerning this specific question. 

In addition to this, it is also possible to buy tickets and get details on the proximity of theatres in your space through this application.



Android is crammed with one of the best online movie streaming apps from which Films by Flixster serves as a singular interface to show you all the details about totally different movies, upcoming movies, showtimes, tickets, etc. Browse movies, get hobby info and stay on top of hobby activities with this app.


You probably need access to Putlocker’s extensive library of free video content (movies, web series, and TV series). One option is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to get access. However, if you do not like to deal with the difficulty, it is recommended that you switch to other portals that provide the same user experience. The top alternatives to Putlocker have been listed above. These sites offer access to an extensive collection of video content, which can be seen without cost to the user. Now that your preferred streaming platform is back up, grab some popcorn and get ready to spend hours catching up on your favorite shows.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How can people access Putlocker content?

Putlocker is an entertainment sharing torrent portal. This website or platform is well-liked since it gives users easy access to free media downloads. Since 2011, that has been a go-to for those wishing to watch media for free, and law enforcement has been attempting to shut it down.

Has access to the Putlocker platform been denied?

Putlocker, which first appeared in 2011, has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for watching and downloading free movies, web series, and TV episodes online. As with any website or platform that allows users to watch movies or TV shows for free, it is naturally not a favorite of law enforcement. The accusations of piracy and subsequent legal complications led to its removal.

To what extent does utilizing Putlocker affect your life?

Using a service like Putlocker can result in a monetary penalty in certain countries. Additionally, since the actual Putlocker website is down now, you will only be able to browse replicas of the site referred to as mirrors. These mirrors’ hosts could potentially insert viruses or other forms of malware. It follows that utilizing such a mirror puts you in danger of contracting a virus.


We don’t verify whether the respective websites hold the proper licensing for content delivered through their site. We don’t promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this website. This blog is for educational purposes only. 

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